Uttar Pradesh: injected dog injection in place of corona vaccine, the journalist said- leave the festival and first get the vaccine right


A major negligence case involving the Corona vaccine has come to light. A woman comes here to get the Corona vaccine and doctors give her a dog injection ie anti rabies vaccine and when the condition of the woman starts deteriorating, the pole of negligence is exposed.

The case is of Shamli in UP. In a community health center here, three elderly women were given injections after dog bites in place of Corona.

After this, the condition of one of the women started deteriorating and the careless doctors were exposed.

72-year-old Anarkali Devi, 70-year-old Saroj Devi and 60-year-old Satyavati Devi arrived at the Community Health Center to get Corona’s first vaccine dose.

The health staff present there ordered a 10-rupee syringe and instead of applying the corona vaccine, injected them with anti-rabies injections and sent them home.

Meanwhile, the condition of one of these women, Saroj Devi, started deteriorating. Saroj Devi first started getting nervous, then started feeling dizzy.

In a hurry, his family members got him admitted to a private clinic nearby. He showed the prescription of the health center to the doctor of the private clinic and told that he has just been given the first dose of Corona vaccine.

The private doctor told the family that it is not a corona vaccine but a dog injection. They have been given anti rabies injection, which has caused a reaction.

When the above three women were investigated, the whole case was exposed. After this, the family members of the aggrieved women caused a lot of ruckus and complained to the Shamli CMO about the case. On this, the CMO has assured action on the culprits.

At the same time, one of the three women, Anarkali Devi said that when she asked the injector to note her Aadhaar number, she said that there is no need of Aadhaar in the dog vaccine.

Senior journalist Jaya Kaushik, raising the matter on Twitter, wrote that “If the dog vaccine is being replaced in place of Corona, then the vaccine is being vaccinated twice in one place and then it is said that the vaccine should be celebrated.

Jaya has tightened the system and said that leave the festival first, apply the vaccine properly.

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