How to Unlock Agents in VALORANT: A Comprehensive Guide

VALORANT agents selection screen

VALORANT is a game that thrives on the diverse array of characters it offers. Each agent in VALORANT is a unique entity, capable of influencing the outcome of a match in countless ways. However, when you first log in, you'll quickly realize that most of these intriguing characters are locked behind a virtual door.

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Initially, restricting access to agents allows players to concentrate on mastering the game's core mechanics. But as you immerse yourself in the world of VALORANT, the urge to experiment with different agents inevitably arises. The good news is, there's a path to unlock these agents, although it may require a bit of dedication and effort.

How to Unlock Agents in VALORANT

Unlocking VALORANT agents can be achieved without spending a dime. The currency you'll need is Kingdom Credits, which can be earned by participating in matches and completing Daily Missions. Each agent comes with a price tag of 8000 Kingdom Credits, and your wallet can only hold a maximum of 10,000 at any given time. If you desire more agents, you'll need to spend your hard-earned Kingdom Credits wisely.

Aside from the Kingdom Credits system, new players can permanently unlock two agents of their choice through the Free Welcome Contract. To advance through the tiers of this contract, you'll need to accumulate XP by completing Daily and Weekly Missions, as well as simply playing the game. When you reach tiers 5 and 10 of the Free Welcome Contract, you'll gain access to a free agent unlock, allowing you to choose the agent that suits your playstyle.

In episode seven, a new opportunity arises for players to obtain entirely new agents for free through Agent Recruitment Events. These events kick off on the day a new agent is released, spanning 28 days during which players can earn XP to unlock the agent at no cost. After this period, agents not obtained through Agent Recruitment Events will become available for purchase in the agent store.

To maximize your progress in Agent Recruitment Events and earn XP efficiently, focus on completing your Daily and Weekly missions, as well as participating in matches of VALORANT. This continuous effort will pave the way to unlocking your favorite agents without reaching for your wallet.

Of course, if the idea of grinding for agents doesn't quite align with your playstyle, there's a faster but more expensive alternative.

What's the Fastest Way to Unlock VALORANT Agents?

The quickest path to acquiring access to every agent in VALORANT is by using 1,000 Valorant Points (VP) to unlock each agent. These VP can be obtained through real-money transactions. If you have sufficient VP, you can simply visit the agent store, select your desired agent, and make the purchase.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Riot Games' Xbox Game Pass partnership. This partnership grants immediate access to all agents, including newly released ones. It's a convenient option for players who prefer a more streamlined experience.

Fastest Way to Unlock VALORANT Agents for Free

For those who wish to avoid spending real money, we recommend focusing on game modes that yield the most progress toward active agent contracts. Modes such as Team Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Escalation offer slightly less progress but reward you with 20 Kingdom Credits per completed game. On the other hand, modes like Unrated, Swiftplay, Competitive, and Premier provide 10 Kingdom Credits for each completed round.

Which VALORANT Agent Should You Unlock Next?

If you find yourself struggling to choose the next agent to unlock, consider experimenting with all the characters in The Range. This training ground allows you to get a feel for each agent's playstyle, test their unique abilities, and even observe how they synergize with the game's various weapons using practice dummies. However, the true test of an agent's capabilities lies in a real game against player-controlled opponents.

In conclusion, unlocking agents in VALORANT can be an exciting journey that enhances your gaming experience. Whether you choose to grind for Kingdom Credits, complete contracts, or opt for the quicker route with Valorant Points, the choice is yours. So, dive into the world of VALORANT, experiment with agents, and discover the one that perfectly suits your gameplay style.


1. How long does it take to unlock an agent using the Free Welcome Contract?

  • To unlock an agent using the Free Welcome Contract, you need to reach tiers 5 or 10. The time it takes depends on your progress in completing Daily and Weekly Missions, as well as your gameplay.

2. Can I unlock all agents for free in VALORANT?

  • Yes, you can unlock all agents for free by participating in Agent Recruitment Events, completing missions, and earning Kingdom Credits. However, this may require some time and dedication.

3. Are there any benefits to unlocking agents with Valorant Points?

  • Unlocking agents with Valorant Points provides immediate access and is the fastest way to acquire new agents. It's a convenient option for players who want instant access to their desired agents.

4. How often do Agent Recruitment Events occur in VALORANT?

  • Agent Recruitment Events begin on the day a new agent is released and last for 28 days. After this period, agents not earned through the event will be available in the agent store.

5. Is it possible to change the agent I've unlocked in VALORANT?

  • Yes, you can unlock and play different agents as you progress through the game. Experimenting with various agents can enhance your gameplay experience and strategy.