U-turn of MLA who was in fencing with Pilot: Bhanwarlal Sharma said – Ashok Gehlot is my leader and will remain; Sachin Pilot will also have to accept this


Congress MLA from Sardar Shahar Bhanwarlal Sharma, who was in Manesar enclosure with Sachin Pilot camp last year, has taken a U-turn. Sharma told the media that Ashok Gehlot has been made the Chief Minister by the Congress High Command. The pilot also has to accept him as a leader. Gehlot is my leader and always will be. Pilot is also my leader, but Gehlot is above him.

Sharma said, ‘I went to Manesar with Pilot last year, so my work was not being done, but now the Chief Minister has fulfilled my demands. All the demands of my area have been fulfilled in this budget. The state in-charge is playing his role. Making a statement and being on the ground are different things. Everything will happen when the time comes.

He said, ‘My blessings are with the party. In this old age, I will not take such a decision which will harm the party. There are 9 places and there are more contenders for ministerial post, not everyone can be made minister.

sit together and decide the matter

On the question of the conciliation committee formed on the demands of the pilot camp not taking any decision till now, Sharma said, “I am telling from my 50 years of experience that a committee is formed to pacify any matter.” What is the fate of committees? Everybody knows this. If justice is not done for a long time, then the matter is put in cold storage. A member of the Conciliation Committee has passed away. Now, this committee should take a decision in the matter by sitting together with the Chief Minister and Pilot sahib.

Pilot will not go to BJP, this impasse will end soon

Sharma said that Pilot will not join the BJP. More atmosphere is being created than there is dissatisfaction in the party. Pilot himself has not said anything till date, the MLAs accompanying him are speaking. Now no one has any control over the companions. This impasse will end soon. On the allegations of phone tapping, said that no one’s phone is being tapped, if any MLA’s is happening, then come forward.

‘I also tried to topple the government’

Sharma said that senior leaders in the party should be given their due. I had also tried to topple the government, but Gehlot did not support me at that time. Otherwise, I would have been CM too. Still regret that. Sharma himself refused to become a minister and said that now I have no desire to become a minister.