2 Superstars who had tremendous success after leaving WWE and 2 whose careers were ruined


WWE is seen and loved all over the world. Many superstars got success while working in WWE while some have not been able to become big names. Getting into WWE is tough. There are a lot of superstars working in WWE and sometimes the company has to make the decision to release the superstars. Recently many superstars have been released.

There have been some superstars who after leaving WWE got a chance to perform better in another company. Apart from this, the career of some superstars got completely spoiled after leaving WWE. So in this article we will talk about 2 Superstars who got success after leaving WWE and two whose career was ruined.

2- Career ruined: Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has always been considered a controversial superstar. He made his WWE debut in 2010 and quickly became the top star of the company. He has won big matches like Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank. He also fought the World Championship match at WrestleMania. Despite getting such tremendous success, he was released in 2014. After this, he made his comeback in 2015.

In 2016, WWE released Alberto once again. It seemed that with so much success in WWE, he would become a top star in other places. After leaving WWE, he was initially successful in making his name but then he became a part of many different controversies. His wrestling career came to an end. The veteran has expressed his desire to make a comeback but hardly any company would be interested in joining him now.

2- Huge success: Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was considered the future of WWE and worked in WWE for many years. During this, Rhodes won several mid-card and tag team titles. Well, he could never reach the top. Rhodes changed his character after some time and became Stardust.

He was unsuccessful in this gimmick and decided to leave WWE. Cody worked on ROH and NJPW and grew his stature. In 2019, he made his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) debut in collaboration with Tony Khan. This superstar has really benefited after leaving WWE.

1- Career ruined: Ryback

Ryback had tremendous success in his early WWE career. Everyone loved to see him. The superstar was booked very well and also faced the top stars of the company. During this time he also became the Intercontinental Champion once. He was released in 2016.

After this it seemed that he would get success on Independent Sin. He had good looks and a wrestling style. Despite this, he had bad luck after leaving WWE. He has never been the superstar he has ever been before and also failed to make use of the experience he has gained in WWE.

1- Huge success: Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)

Jon Moxley is currently a part of All Elite Wrestling and he is doing a great job. Prior to this, he had worked in WWE for years and was known as Dean Ambrose. This legend won many titles in WWE and he was also the World Champion. Ambrose was disappointed with his poor booking.

Because of this, he left WWE and started wrestling with his old name. He has worked in major promotions, both All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). Moxley enjoyed tremendous success and grew in stature.