Totodile Pokemon Go: Check Best Movesets, Counters, Evolutions, and How to Get


Pokemon Totodile Go

In Totodile Pokemon Go, The Totodile Pokemon Bite has enough power to cause serious injury. Because Totodile’s jaws are very powerful, While the        Pokémon may think it is just playfully nipping. Totodile’s Pokemon Go strongest move set is Water Gun & Water Pulse. Totodile Pokemon evolves into Croconaw.

Totodile Pokemon Go was originally found in the Johto region. Totodile Pokemon is vulnerable to Electric and Grass-type moves. Totodile Pokemon is boosted by Rain weather. In Totodile Pokemon Go, You May include unreleased versions and different genders of this Pokémon. Totodile normal, shiny and event-specific sprites that are available in-game.

Totodile Pokemon Go: Shiny Totodile Evolution Pokemon Go

In Totodile Pokemon Go, Shiny Totodile can be found in the wild and rainy conditions. The Shiny Totodile will increase its spawn rates. It can be found in as well Research Encounters and Raids. Shiny Totodile is green in colour, with red spikes turning blue.

Shiny Totodile Pokemon Go is very powerful, Because its jaws are more powerful, it is a plus for Shiny Totodile Pokemon to bite. In Encounters and Raids, they can be found Shiny Totodile  Pokemon Go is a Water-type Pokemon with a max CP of 1279, an attack of 117, a defence of 109 and stamina of 137. Continue reading this article for a guide on Pokemon Go shiny totodile evolution.

Totodile Pokemon Go Best Moveset

In  Totodile Pokemon Go, The best moves are Water Gun and Water Pulse when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best move set for PVP battles.

Some of the strongest Pokemon that can be used for defeating Totodile are:

  • Zekrom, 
  • Deoxys (Attack), 
  • Deoxys (Normal), 
  • Electivire, 
  • Roserade.

Totodile Pokemon Go: Additional Stats:

  • Generation                                            – Generation 2
  • Category                                               – Non-Legendary
  • Base Flee Rate                                     – 10%
  • Buddy Distance                                     – 3 km
  • Pokédex Height                                     – 0.6 m
  • Pokédex Weight                                     – 9.5 kg
  • Can I be put in a gym?                           – Yes
  • Can I be transferred?                             – Yes
  • Stardust cost for Second Charge move – 10000
  • Candy cost for Second Charge move    – 25

Totodile Pokemon Go Location

In Totodile Pokemon Go, It is weak to Electric and more type moves. Totodile Pokemon Go take less damage and is resistant to fire, ice, steel and more type moves.


      Electric and Grass – 1.4 x


     Fire   – 0.71x

     Ice    – 0.71x

    Steel  – 0.71x

    Water – 0.71x

What games use totodile?

Along with Chikorita and Cyndaquil, Totodile is one of the three starter Pokémon of Johto available at the beginning of Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

When should I evolve totodile?

Only level up your Pokemon when you start to struggle and battles are getting tougher. Evolving your Totodile into Croconaw at Level 25 is waaay more valuable in the long-run than evolving him at Level 20.

Is totodile good in Pokemon go?

The whole Totodile Pokémon Family has very aggressive Attack stats, with solid Stamina and low defense. Statistically, it’s the best Starter family in Generation 2 of Pokémon GO.

Where can I find totodile?

Trainers can find Totodile in a variety of places including:

  • By searching near bodies of water, or in the rain.
  • Using Lure Modules and Rainy Lure Modules.
  • Obtaining the ‘Power up Pokemon 5 times’ Field Research Task.
  • Obtaining the ‘Use 5 Berries to help catch Pokemon’ Field Research Task’

What does totodile evolve to in Pokemon go?

Totodile evolves into Croconaw which costs 25 Candy, which then evolves into Feraligatr costing 100 Candy.

How good is Feraligatr Pokemon go?

Feraligatr is a Water-type Pokemon with a max CP of 3230, an attack of 205, defence of 188 and stamina of 198 in Pokemon Go. … Due to this Pokemon being a water-type, it is weak against Grass and Electric moves. Feraligatr’s strongest moveset is Ice Fang & Hydro Cannon and it has a Max CP of 2,857

How rare is a shiny totodile?

the shiny rate seems to be about 5%, a little more than it used to be because Niantic has nudged it up over time. That means 1 in 20 catches or so should get you a shiny Totodile which you can then evolve into a shiny Feraligatr.

Is totodile a good starter?

Totodile is probably the best choices to start within Pokemon HG/SS. … And compared to most water type starter Pokemon, Totodile can learn moves such as Dragon Claw, dragon pulse (by breeding), crunch and a range of other move-sets.

Is Absol a legendary Pokemon?

There’s another pure Dark-type that many have confused for a Legendary Pokémon, long before the existence of Zoroark. … However, Absol is just a regular old Pokémon. Part of why people think it’s Legendary is probably because of its rarity and the fact that it’s rarely seen by human eyes.

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