Top 5 four-star DPS characters in Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact DPS Character, Top 5 four-star DPS characters in Genshin Impact, and other details here. What are the best characters that can Deal Fast Damage in the game Genshin Impact, to know more about the Genshin Impact DPS characters read this article given below.

Genshin Impact DPS Character

In Genshin Effect fighting roles are typically divided into three categories: DPS characters who deal fast damage, Support characters who heal or buff the squad, and a hybrid of the two who deal damage while causing Elemental Reactions. Fischl is a fantastic sub-DPS choice. She just needs to trigger her Elemental Skill and bounce. It only takes a second for the player to do, and it’s incredibly successful when she’s constructed correctly. Alternatively, players can use her Elemental Burst to leave Oz on the battlefield, ensuring that the lovable raven is still by their side during every Genshin Impact combat. To know more about the best DPS Character Genshin Impact read furthermore.

Best DPS Character Genshin Impact

The highest tiers indicate that a character is the best in their position, is easy to create, and performs well regardless of teammates. Being on a lower-tier indicates that better options exist, or that the character needs a very unique build or team to shine. To know the best DPS Character in Genshin scroll down,


Razor is your best choice if you don’t already have a 5-star key DPS. He is one of Genshin Impact’s strongest melee combatants, using a Claymore and having a powerful attack strength. His elemental powers help him with melee attacks, but they aren’t as effective when it comes to causing elemental reactions. Razor might be a self-centered DPS machine, but that doesn’t make him a bad one. If players build around Razor’s strengths, they should be able to use him as a main DPS choice in the majority of Genshin Impact fights.


The Prinzessin of Electro-Damage has the one-of-a-kind power to summon Oz, her familiar, to the battlefield. While Fischl’s constellation and talent upgrades are needed to optimize Oz’s Electro damage performance, this skill has a lot of potentials and is fantastic for producing Electro-infused elemental reactions. Here’s where you can learn how to make the best Genshin Impact Fischl create. In most battles, Fischl is a fantastic sub-DPS choice. She just needs to trigger her Elemental Skill and bounce. It only takes a second for the player to do, and it’s incredibly successful when she’s constructed correctly.

If a player needs a unit with a bow or Electro, then Fischl can also fulfil that role quite nicely. Even if the moment is brief (such as to get the jumpstart on an enemy far away), it’s still a useful characteristic to Fischl’s favour.


Noelle is a Geo Claymore character who is incredibly protective. Her shield and healing abilities make her particularly useful for early-game players. Although her healing capacity is limited, it suffices in the absence of a more capable healer. Noelle is a shield bot for most Genshin Impact players. Although Noelle’s shields are incredible, her ability to deal harm when her constellation is maxed out is equally interesting. When Noelle uses her Elemental Burst at her maximum constellation, her attack is increased by 50% of her defense.

Her Elemental Burst greatly improves the range of her regular auto attacks, and building up the energy to do so isn’t difficult. Combine all of this with her amazing tankiness, and one should realize that Noelle is capable of taking on a lot of battles on her own. Unfortunately, this does require max constellations, which is something most players won’t have.


Xiangling was a freebie unit that players could add to their group on many occasions. As a consequence, she’s a device that most teams can easily integrate. Xiangling, on the other hand, stands out far above a free Pyro unit like Amber in that she is a legitimately good DPS choice. Xiangling may not do the most melee damage with just her Polearm, but there’s no denying that she’s one of Genshin Impact’s strongest Pyros. Her elemental ability summons a fire-breathing teddy bear that auto-targets her, and her elemental burst wraps her in flames for up to ten seconds.

Her Fourth Ascension passive allows players to increase the party’s attack by 10% when picked up for ten seconds. Plenty of other units get better bonuses (like Bennett), but it works with Xiangling’s Elemental Burst. This, in turn, makes her a better main DPS option if players have no better five-star alternative.

As she is a Pyro user, she can easily be in a team with Bennett (a top tier support unit) to create a Pyro Elemental Resonance, further increasing the team’s attack by 25%. Plus, her Elemental Burst stays when she swaps out, making her a phenomenal sub-DPS option at times.


Bennett is arguably the strongest support unit in Genshin Impact for a four-star unit. His support skills, unsurprisingly, render him a capable DPS unit in certain circumstances. In Genshin Effect, he shouldn’t be a player’s only DPS option, particularly since he can help boost a superior DPS option like Razor’s damage to ridiculous levels. Bennett will not be the DPS of your dreams, as he has one of the lowest base attack powers in the game. With his elemental burst, he can provide an attack bonus and heal his teammates. When he’s in the right squad, he’s a great Pyro supporter.

By himself, Bennett can deal impressive Pyro damage, especially in conjunction with his Elemental Burst. His Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact allows the party to gain an attack bonus based off of Bennett’s attack.

What are some of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact?

Some of the other best DPS Characters are,


Noelle’s Elemental Skill puts up a barrier which not only protects you from attacks, but also heals your whole team up! This makes Noelle a very safe choice, as you can use this ability whenever an enemy is about to launch into a powerful attack.

Powerful Elemental Burst

Noelle’s Elemental Burst imbues her auto attacks with the Geo element, making it really easy to trigger a reaction. It’s also easy to destroy objects on the field, and its range is extremely wide, making it easy to hit tons of enemies.


Lisa’s Elemental Burst is a set ability, which means you can set it up and then immediately switch to another high-DPS character to benefit from Noblesse’s +20% ATK teammate damage.

Lisa’s normal attack is imbued with Electro making Elemental reaction to be created easily. This build power ups electro reactions to quickly defeat enemies.

Elemental Skill Hold Quite Strong

By holding Lisa’s Elemental Skill, you can deal Electro damage in a very wide radius to multiple enemies!


Kaeya’s Elementak Skill, Frostgnaw, has a rather short cooldown of 6 seconds which allows for continuous Cryo applications. Paired with with some water or a Hydro character, Kaeya can keep enemies constantly frozen.

Persistant Elemental Burst

Similar to Xiangling, Kaeya’s Elemental Burst, Glacial Waltz, surrounds the character in revolving icicles dealing multiple hits of Cryo damage. Since this effect persists even when switching characters, it can be used to set up multiple Elemental Reactions. Consider pairing Glacial Waltz with a Hydro character like Tartaglia to keep enemies frozen and locked down, or with a Pyro Character like Diluc or Klee to rapidly trigger Melt.


Anemo Traveler’s Elemental Burst sweeps up enemies into a tornado while doing damage to them. In this condition, they are unable to attack, which is excellent. However, enemies will get blown away from you, making this a slightly hard to use ability.

Anemo Traveler’s skill and burst is not only good for Crowd control but is also great at spreading elemental statuses. This set increases the damage of reactions and makes it easier to gather energy for casting burst.

Easy-To-Use Elemental Skill

Traveler’s Anemo Elemental Skill has a very short cooldown and also triggers a reaction with most elements, making it extremely useful. The key to playing Anemo Traveler well is using this as much as possible, so make sure to use it on cooldown!



Ningguang is an awesome waifu DPS character, but she’s near the bottom for the same reason as Noelle: the geo element. At the moment, it’s currently the least useful or exciting out of all the elements in Genshin Impact.

Ningguang can be a good damage dealer on her own, but when other DPS characters are playing with fire, ice, or electricity and can easily chain together insane elemental reactions, then Ningguang becomes less useful in the party DPS slot.

Barrier Blocking Only Enemy Attacks

Ningguang’s Elemental Skill erects a massive shield in front of her which intercepts enemy attacks. Your own attacks will still go through the barrier, so you safely attack at range! It’s also possible to swap to a melee character afterward as well to get cover on one side.



Beidou is an electro character who might also double as a situational tank. She doesn’t have that special stun-locking spin-attack that most claymore-wielders do but she makes up for it with robust electro abilities.

For starters, Beidou can absorb damage with her Elemental Skill and then release it for a devastating AoE electro attack. On top of that, her Elemental Burst allows her attacks to give off a chain-lightning frequently and makes her tankier.

Self-Buffing Melee Attacker

Beidou is a powerful Claymore user that can buff herself up and knock down enemies with ease. Her Elemental Burst ability is already quite powerful, but we found that getting her to Ascension Lvl 4 will provide a huge buff to her Elemental Skill, which improves her attack speed and damage.

Guard By Holding Elemental Skill

By holding Beidou’s Elemental Skill, she can use her sword as a way to shield against damage. Depending on the amount of attacks she takes while guarding, she can buff her own damage when the ability ends!


Noblesse Oblige’s 4-set bonus will give your team a +20% ATK bonus after using your Elemental Burst. This works well with Amber, as she can just lay down her circle and immediately swap out!

This build utilizes Amber’s firepower to spread fire and crowd control enemies. This also power ups damage from Amber’s Burst making her an effective Shield breaker and pyro spreader.

Draw Aggro Away With Elemental Skill

Amber’s Elemental Skill places a doll on the ground which draws the aggro of enemies around it. This lets you deal damage to enemies safely at a distance. The doll will also explode, dealing Pyro damage, thus letting you trigger Elemental Reactions as well.


(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

Rosaria has a lot of diversity when it comes to how players will build her. Players can opt for a more supportive Rosaria, or a main DPS focused on dealing high physical damage. Each build has its own perks, and players will have to decide based on which role they need to fill on their team. With Rosaria’s Elemental Burst, players can utilize her for an off-field Cryo application on a short cooldown which will be useful for many different compositions.

Main DPS Rosaria:

Players who want to use Rosaria as their main damage source can look forward to a strong physical carry, who will be able to use Superconduct to deal large amounts of damage. Players will focus on her Normal Attacks, building the 2 piece Bloodstained Chivalry set and 2 piece Blizzard Strayer, until the new artifact set releases which buffs Physical damage even more. Then players should swap to the new set to take advantage of its huge power. Players will want to use weapons like the Crescent Pike, or the Dragonspine Spear, both boosting her Physical damage noticeably.

Rosaria’s elemental skill enables her to teleport on the back of the enemy dealing Cryo DMG. This is a straight forwards attack that can be used to gather energy for Burst.

Bust Deals Continues Cryo Reaction

Burst slams a giant cryo spear in front which will spread Cryo for a few seconds. This burst will be the main DMG giver of Support Rosaria enabling constant Cryo application. Since it remains even after switching, it is great for producing reactions such as Melt and superconduct.


Good Balance Of Heals & DPS

Hitting enemies with Jean’s attacks will heal the rest of your party, making her ideal for taking on lots of enemies at once! This character is incredible due to her excellence in both healing and attacking, so she’s one you want to prioritize gearing up!

Gets Even Stronger After Unlocking Constellation

Jean starts to get even better after completion Constellations. She unlocks incredibly powerful talents which increase your party’s movement and attack speed by 15% and lower enemy resistance by 40%! Unlocking the constellations of Jean makes her into an almost entirely different character, so we can’t recommend it enough.



Currently one of the most reliable cryo DPS characters, Chongyun is awesome when paired with the right support (hydro) and the right claymore. His spin attack can also be uninterrupted with hydro support in the party like Barbara as Chongyun’s Elemental Skill can lay down a small freezing field.

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