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There is never a lockdown of information, stay updated with information, this is the real asset


In today’s competitive society, a person just needs a little valuable information to survive on his own. Radio, TV and newspapers have remained reliable sources of information for decades. Once upon a time, the morning and evening radio bulletin full of information was the most reliable. The media kept changing, but the importance of information did not change.

Before today, now and in the future, information will continue to help in raising wealth or wealth. The information or information that is obtained from one’s personal contacts or networks as Dr. Sandra Naveed says in her book ‘Super Hubs’ is network, net worth. Often valuable information coming from that person’s network tells how wealthy that person is or can be. Despite this, only the upper five per cent of the population has access to the network needed for that valuable information.

Through the network, secret and credible information related to new projects, politics, regulation, tax and exemption etc. reaches them before reaching the common man. For example, a co-founder of a major IT company buys shares worth Rs 100 crore in the same company. The very next day, news related to H1B visa beneficial for the IT company comes out and the value of the company’s stock increases. Whether it is a coincidence or something, it is a good example of making money through high-end networks based on already existing information.

There is never a lockdown of information. Information floats 365 days a year, seven days a week. Humans assume that they know everything because of the advancement in technology. However, the same person is fighting the coronavirus and is hoping for a miracle to get rid of it. Everyone needs information for a living. The student is dependent on the teacher for information and information in their career planning, so the employee is expecting career advancement from their boss or company.

A friend takes information from another friend. All of them want only valuable information, because it is based on the right time and facts. On the other hand some people think that Google is everything and the information that comes from it is invaluable. Social media has also breached the information, but its credibility remains in doubt. On the other hand, its excessive use is slowing down intelligence.

Let’s take the example of Malayalam cinema’s film ‘Drishyam-2’. The film depicts how the information gathered through the network proves to be helpful for being successful even in unpredictable and uncertain or adverse situations. However, we hope that everyone has access to valuable information.

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