The truth of PM Modi’s Gujarat model! Those who die from Corona are being burnt by pouring ‘Kerosene-Petrol’


The situation in the BJP-ruled Gujarat has worsened due to the Corona infection. Within the last 24 hours, about 6 thousand corona cases have been reported in Gujarat and 55 deaths have taken place. At present, active cases of corona infection in Gujarat are reported to be around four lakhs.

Meanwhile, news has emerged that the Corona epidemic in Surat, Gujarat, is making the situation so bad that the crematorium is in line for the funeral pyre.

In fact, the highest number of corona infection cases are being found in Gujarat. Many crematoriums in Surat are full of cremations of people who died due to corona, and many places are being cremated early with money.

Apart from this, there has been a case of petrol diesel and kerosene being used in place of desi ghee for driving pyres at the Ramnath Ghela crematorium in Surat itself.

In this case, Arjun Patel, who cremated the funeral pyres of the people at the crematorium, says that we know that it is degrading to perform funeral pyres in this way. But this time the situation is not the same.

That is why we are putting diesel and petrol in the funeral pyre. So that the pyre burns properly due to the wet wood. The number of dead due to corona is high and the dry girl is not in such quantity.

It is said that in Surat, the situation has become so bad due to corona infection that cremation of 25 dead can be done simultaneously.

Arrangements are being made for this. People have to wait for their turn with tokens.

Even the last rites of the dead are not possible from the gas furnace. The families of the deceased want to hurry the funeral pyre of Chita. That is why we have to use kerosene and other flammable substances.