The farmers of the country move towards the solution beyond the movement, a year has passed since the ordinance of agricultural laws was issued, 200 days of the farmers’ movement also completed


It has been a full year since the ordinance of three agricultural laws of the Center was issued. Farmers’ protest has been going on for a year. The self-disciplined movement of the farmers is an invisible victory. But Annadata is in need of a positive solution, for which he is leaving his farm-barn, home-barn on the streets.

In order that the martyrdom of more than 500 farmers agitating against the agricultural law should not go in vain, now the farmer leaders should also move forward from the movement towards such a positive solution that can bring revolutionary change and change the condition of agriculture.

Even today 80 percent of the farmers of the country are in pathetic condition. Will the economic condition of small farmers of 17 states of the country improve even after five decades of Green Revolution? The problem is not getting their due price on the crops. Although the central government announces the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for 23 crops every year, procurement at these prices is not guaranteed as MSP is not legally recognized. When the crop is bumper, the cost of transportation between the field to the market is not met by the price received by the farmer. According to the OECD-ICRIER report, farmers have suffered a loss of Rs 45 lakh crore between 2000-01 and 2016-17 due to non-payment of their dues.

There are more than 100 crops in the country, but out of 23 crops in the MSP list of the Center, except two three crops of only three-four states, government procurement at MSP is not assured in all the states. Only 6% of farmers of the country get MSP on three-four crops, out of which 85% are farmers of Punjab and Haryana, from whom government agencies buy wheat and paddy at MSP. With the legal recognition of the model of government procurement at MSP of wheat and paddy from these two states, till the government procurement of all the crops across the country is not decided, till then farming cannot recover from the crisis.

The first of the three agricultural laws under the stay of the Supreme Court, the Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020, is being claimed that it allows farmers outside the APMC mandis to sell the crop at a better price in the open market. Will open the way While the farmers are apprehensive that with this agriculture law, the central government is trying to avoid the purchase of crops at MSP.

For the upliftment of agriculture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in 2017 that such steps are being taken by the Center, which will double the income of farmers by 2022. This is the right opportunity to know from the government what steps have been taken so far to double the income in agriculture in the next round of talks with the farmers centre? Farmers should also suggest to the government what measures should be taken so that farming does not become a loss-making deal.

Now the government and the farmers have to sit together and implement such measures so that there is a sure solution to increase the income in agriculture. In return for the agitation, if the central government is ready to amend three agricultural laws, then instead of repealing these laws, farmers should consider the positive option of legal recognition of MSP and written guarantee of purchase of crops on it. This is the lifeline of agriculture.