The current WWE Champion gave a big update on his health after having nose surgery in the hospital


Last week on WWE Raw, Sheamus broke his nose during a match. Sheamus had to face defeat in two consecutive matches. In the match with Humberto Carrillo, he had a lot of blood coming out of his nose. After the show, the news was revealed that Sheamus broke his nose. WWE then advised Sheamus to rest for some time. Sheamus then got his surgery done and now on Twitter, he shared some photos from the hospital for his fans.

WWE Superstar Sheamus updated on the injury

Sheamus’s nose injury was very big. After this, there were reports that he might give up his WWE US Championship. Sheamus himself put an end to all these rumors through Twitter. On Twitter, Sheamus gave a big update about his injury and also shared pictures for the fans.

Sheamus’s condition still seems to be deteriorating. Looking in the photo, it seems that the shape of his nose is still not correct. One thing is good that Sheamus seems to be in good energy in the pictures and this is a good thing for WWE fans.


Sheamus had a rivalry with Carrillo on WWE Raw for some time, and Ricochet later joined in. Last week, Sheamus challenged Ricochet and Carrillo to a match while cutting the promo. Sheamus then faced both the superstars. Sheamus had to face defeat in both the matches. The match against Carrillo was a dangerous one for Sheamus as he suffered a serious injury.


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