Tejaswi Surya’s uncle and BJP MLA rigged, selling government vaccine for Rs 700

BJP MP Tejashwi Surya

There has been big news related to the politics of Karnataka. BJP MP Tejashwi Surya’s uncle and BJP MLA Ravi Subramaniam have been found involved in the Corona vaccine commission scam.

This is revealed by an audio tape. In this audio, BJP MLAs are reportedly seeking a commission of Rs 700 per dose vaccine from a hospital.

Congress leader Shrivats has shared this news through his tweeter.

Tejashwi Surya is a BJP MP from Bangalore South as well as the National President of BJP Yuva Morcha.

Recently, he along with his MLA Chacha Ravi Subramaniam had inspected a Bangalore-based Kovid Center and accused 16 Muslim employees present of the bed scam.

BJP MLA Ravi Subramaniam

Not only this, the name of the Muslim employees was asked by Ravi Subramaniam, the uncle of the stunning Surya. When everyone said his name, he gave it a communal angle and gave a statement that it is a Kovid center or a madrasa.

However, later in the investigation, all these Muslim employees were freed from the allegations of bed scam as they were not involved in the bed allocation process. Tejashwi Surya also later regretted his allegations.

Interestingly, the BJP MLA Ravi Subramaniam, who falsely accused the employees of the Kovid Center in the bed scam, is now being implicated in the Kovid vaccine scam.

MLA Ravi Subramaniam is heard in this alleged audio tape leak demanding Rs 700 for every dose of vaccine from the hospital management. The politics of Karnataka has heated up after this scandal surfaced.

Congress leader Shrivats said that this is a serious charge and it shows how private hospitals have vaccine stock while government hospitals lack it.

He said that why did MP Tejashwi Surya tie up with private hospital for paid vaccine instead of free government vaccine?

The Congress leader has also demanded a probe into the accused MLA Ravi Subramaniam as well as his nephew and MP Tejashwi Surya.