Shocking case in Haryana: While caressing the dead body of the son, the mother was saying – get up my children, get up; In no time the innocent started breathing


If it’s not a miracle, then what? God heard the compassionate call of a mother. Her six-year-old son was declared brought dead by the doctors 20 days ago. The family was preparing for the funeral. While kissing her son’s head, the mother was saying repeatedly – get up, my child, get up. Then his body started moving. Treatment started again and on Tuesday he returned to his home from Rohtak hospital laughing and playing.

was undergoing treatment for typhoid in delhi

The case is of Bahadurgarh in Haryana. Hitesh and his wife Jhanvi, who live here, told that their son had got typhoid. He was taken to Delhi for treatment. On May 26, doctors declared him brought dead. They returned to Bahadurgarh with the dead body.

Had called ice to keep the dead body and salt for the last rites.

The child’s grandfather Vijay Sharma told that he had arranged for snow to keep the body overnight and salt for burial in the morning. The local people were asked to reach the cremation ground in the morning.

When the father breathed through his mouth, the son put his teeth on his lips.

The child’s mother Jhanvi and Tai Annu were crying and crying, repeatedly shaking the innocent with love and calling him to be alive. After some time movement was felt in the packed body. After this, father Hitesh took out the face of the child from the packing of the sheet and started breathing through his mouth. Neighbor Sunil started applying pressure on the child’s chest, as they had seen in the movies. Meanwhile, the child put his teeth on his father’s lip.

There was a 15% chance of survival even after breathing

After this, on the night of 26 May itself, the child was taken to a private hospital in Rohtak. Doctors said he had only a 15 per cent chance of survival. Treatment started. There was a speedy recovery and now he recovered completely and reached home on Tuesday.

Now the atmosphere of happiness in the village

Now Hitesh, the father of the child, is celebrating by showing his son’s wound on his lip. At the same time, Dada Vijay is calling it a miracle. The mother said that God has again breathed in her son. Not only the family but there is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole village.