Seeing the decreasing TRP, Saheb sobbed, now all news channels are sobbing, both PTI and ANI are crying!


Creating successful content for the camera daily is a difficult task. The editors / anchors of the channels have known this for a long time!
To avoid this difficulty, a studio war was started in which an anchor summons some alleged experts and fights them! Then this matter got out of the debate and reached the pit. The most popular in this was the one in which some Pakistani General Colonels are also among the guests where the Anchor and the native General Colonel insult them!

With this came the Modi era of continuous use of cameras in politics which continues unabated.

In this, the ruling party or its Netaji daily enforces some or the other subject. In this, the longest innings went on “Nehru” and parts of his bones immersed in various rivers were searched and demolished! Rahul Gandhi was mocked at every street intersection of the country and the word “Pappu” was copied for him. The challengers (against the BJP) in the states where elections were held more than themselves, social media / TV Got to know from the channels.


During this time, according to the channels, our “Rambo ji” is the solution to every problem of the world. Imran was also very good, President of China Xi Jin Ping, Trump of America, PM Johnson of England, all of them kept licking the dust on the TV screen, teaching strategy / economics, making people foolish. For local problems, he was considered an “avatar”. Titles like “Modi’s vaccine will save the world from Corona” used to scream throughout the day!

The world of my reach around me consists of industrialists, officers, judges, lawyers, engineers, doctors, businessmen, brokers, journalists and leaders of all colours. Everyone was insensitive, difficult to talk to! Everything started with an appreciation of “his” success and went on to describe his possible successes. The country was not growing fast!

That the virus has arrived!

The virus does not appear on the screens of TV channels, nor can it be made “Muslim” by Arnab Chaudhary Chaurasia or Anjana Planned Debate, so it proved to be an opener! Even the gurukul of “Rambo ji” ie the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh also put their hands in the pocket of the pants. Millions of paid unpaid volunteers of IT cell existing on the mountain peak of lie could not prove it as Pappu but turned out to be Gappu!

So the short story is that, in today’s event, Saheb sobbed in view of the dwindling TRP of Nehru’s scandal, Rahul’s Pappu story, Mamta Bano’s use of Kolkata to make Kashmir, IT cell’s tool kit, etc. Since then both PTI and ANI have been crying, sobbing is being heard on all channels. What to do now?

Now you guys suggest something, what new program should be done so that India can become a world teacher immediately, Time magazine raided our Rambo ranking of 2015 Aamukh. Christiana Amanpour braved about half an hour of Saheb’s chances on CNN! The Guardians apologize for their actions and the management of the Telegraph of Calcutta issues an internal memo to report its editor-in-chief to Swapan Das Gupta.

Those who understood the pulse of politics knew that tears will be the support…. See a tweet older than a month-

When his anchor dies, the entire newsroom starts crying but…

Dipankar Patel-

Anchors arguing on the toolkit, if found anywhere, should immediately be abused by speaking shame-shame? Would it not be a tribute to the dead dying from lack of hospital and necessary medicines?

When his anchor dies, the entire newsroom starts crying. But when the bodies of thousands of such people in the country are scratching dogs, who used to walk and laugh and sing till yesterday. These star anchors were then arguing over a fake toolkit.

Imagine when Corona suffered the most deaths in the country, instead of questioning the country’s health facilities, these anchors, considered star journalists, debated the fake toolkit. Only the value of their anchor lives for them, the rest of the public considers them as insects.

I do not understand what is the treatment of these news anchors. His own relatives and acquaintances are dying, but his work is not visible. He is not just a professional devotee, he has become a goth machine in mind.

Soumitra Roy-

Why did the emperor cry naked today in front of 130 crore people of the country? Didn’t he cry before? When and why did you cry? Remember

The naked king is weeping whenever he is surrounded by bitter criticisms. Everyone knows that these tears of naked king are crocodiles.

Everyone knows that it is not a big deal for a naked king to pretend like this. Did the king cry today after reading 14 lines of the famous poet Parul Khakkar of his own state Gujarat?

In these 14 lines, what is written for the emperor that he came to cry? It has written the truth of her being naked. That too in the king’s own language, ie Gujarati.

The entire false troll army of the emperor started to defend those 14 lines but failed. Why? Because in support of these 14 lines, celebrities like Manishi Jani, the fiercest face of the Gujarat Navnirman Movement, tied the bridge of praise.

During 1973-74, Manishi was the president of the same Navnirman movement, about which the emperor states that he led this movement. But in 2004, the same honourable Jani disputed Modi’s claim.

Didn’t the king cry then? Perhaps he had the intention of becoming a king then.

Remember that Khakkar has not only called the emperor naked, he has also called the media and the opposition publicly naked.

Those 14 lines of Parul Khakkar question the king’s Ram kingdom in which he stands naked.

The translation of Parul’s poem in seven languages ​​is promoting the nudity of the emperor nationwide.

Parul has received more than 28 thousand abused comments so far in return for his poem and returned to the emperor? It is possible because Parul has not said a word in protest.

Is the king crying because in his own clan, there is silent agreement on the words of Parul’s poem and ‘Billa-Ranga’?

Yes, if this is the first time. The existence of the emperor is being challenged for the first time. Yes, if it is, then the naked king should take the bag now.

Read the poetry of Parul in Hindi-

”एक साथ सब मुर्दे बोले ‘सब कुछ चंगा-चंगा’
साहेब तुम्हारे रामराज में शव-वाहिनी गंगा
ख़त्म हुए शमशान तुम्हारे, ख़त्म काष्ठ की बोरी
थके हमारे कंधे सारे, आँखें रह गई कोरी
दर-दर जाकर यमदूत खेले
मौत का नाच बेढंगा
साहेब तुम्हारे रामराज में शव-वाहिनी गंगा
नित लगातार जलती चिताएँ
राहत माँगे पलभर
नित लगातार टूटे चूड़ियाँ
कुटती छाति घर घर
देख लपटों को फ़िडल बजाते वाह रे ‘बिल्ला-रंगा’
साहेब तुम्हारे रामराज में शव-वाहिनी गंगा
साहेब तुम्हारे दिव्य वस्त्र, दैदीप्य तुम्हारी ज्योति
काश असलियत लोग समझते, हो तुम पत्थर, ना मोती
हो हिम्मत तो आके बोलो
‘मेरा साहेब नंगा’
साहेब तुम्हारे रामराज में शव-वाहिनी गंगा।‘’

Read the poetry of Parul in Translated in English-

“Together said all the dead” everything heal-heal ‘
Saheb body-duct Ganga you Raj
, putting an end Cemeteries sack you, over wood
exhausted all our shoulders, eyes longer went empty
house to go devil played
Mortal dancing clumsy
Dead bodies in your Ramraj Ganga constantly burning pyre,
Ask for relief for a long time,
constantly broken bangles,
crooked rings
, kissing the house, watching the flames fading, ‘Wah Re’ billa-ranga ‘
Saheb in your Ramraj
, the dead body Ganga Saheb, Your divine clothes, your divine light
I wish people understood the reality, are you a stone, not a pearl, come
and say,
‘My Saheb naked’
Saheb, your corpse has the corpse of the Ganges.

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