Sea Of Thieves October 14 Update Patch Notes, Update 2.3.1

Sea Of Thieves October 14 Update Patch Notes
Sea Of Thieves October 14 Update Patch Notes

If your favorite game is also Sea Of Thieves then there is good news for you. You will be glad to know that Rare Publishers has just released Sea of ​​Thieves 14th October update, and we have complete patch notes but to get it you will have to stay with us till the end, let me tell you, This latest update probably fixes several bugs and brings stability improvements to the game. There may be some new Halloween-related content, but we’ll know for sure once the patch goes live and the servers are online.

You are ready with data pack and Wi-Fi to download this patch. Let us tell you that you will be able to download this patch as soon as the maintenance break is over. The total file size you will need to download this update file is 5.69 GB on Xbox Series X, 3.77 GB on Xbox One, and 5.3 GB on PC (Steam). For more information about Sea Of Thieves October 14 Update, scroll down this page.

Sea Of Thieves Patch Notes: October 14 Update

Unfortunately, the official list of patch notes for this latest Sea Of Thieves update hasn’t come out yet. However, servers are down for maintenance, and we’ll upload the latest patch notes here as soon as we get our hands on them.

Update: The patch notes are now live and available for you to read:


For those seeking something a little more focused than the intentionally wide-ranging Trials, each new Season delivers new time-limited in-game Events offering their own rewards. Find out what you can expect as Season Four continues!



The Crimson Crypt Ship Collection sails into the Emporium to soak up that Festival of the Damned atmosphere! Along with the matching Costume and Weapon Bundle, not to mention a new Diabolical Dog and returning skeleton pets, this bloodthirsty ensemble is sure to strike fear into your foes.


Outpost Cosmetics

Scorched Forsaken Ashes Cosmetics

  • The Outpost shipwrights now offer the Scorched Forsaken Ashes ship set, locked behind the Warsmith of the Flame Commendation.
  • The Outpost weapon shops now offer Scorched Forsaken Ashes weapons, locked behind the Hunter of Captain Grimm, Hunter of Red Ruth, Hunter of Old Horatio and Hunter of Warden Chi Commendations.
  • The Outpost equipment shops now offer Scorched Forsaken Ashes equipment, locked behind the Captain of Ashen Bones Commendation, along with Scorched Forsaken Ashen instruments, locked behind the Hunter of the Ashen Winds Commendation.
  • The Outpost clothing shops now offer Scorched Forsaken Ashes clothing, locked behind the Banisher of the Flame Commendation.

Foul Rotten Bilge Rat Set

  • The Outpost clothing shops now offer the Foul Rotten Bilge Rat clothing set in exchange for gold.

Thriving Wild Rose Compass

  • The Thriving Wild Rose Compass is now available from the Outpost equipment shops, locked behind the Always Yours Commendation.

Missing Fearless Bone Crusher Cosmetics

  • The Outpost shipwrights now offer the Fearless Bone Crusher Figurehead, Cannons, Capstan and Wheel, locked behind the Master of Cursed Iron Commendation.
  • The Bone Crusher Trousers are now available to purchase with Doubloons from the Outpost clothing shops, locked behind the Scourge of Skeleton Ships Commendation.

Missing Bone Crusher Cosmetics

  • The Bone Crusher Beard, Bone Crusher High-Tie Hair and Bone Crusher Adorned Hair can be found in the Outpost clothing shops, locked behind the United Scourge of Skeleton Ships Commendation.


Outpost Signposts

  • The signposts found on Outposts are now interactable. They provide directions to the nearest Trading Company representatives and the docks, helping players find the most direct route to wherever they need to be.

Siren Shrine Balancing

  • Ocean Crawlers and Sirens encountered within the Siren Shrines should now drop Siren Gems upon defeat.

Sunken Merfolk Statues

  • Sunken Merfolk Statues will no longer allow Skeleton Fort, Fort of the Damned or Fort of Fortune Keys to be stored inside. Reaper’s Chests and Reaper’s Bounties can also no longer be stored in Sunken Merfolk Statues.

Turkish Language Support

  • Sea of Thieves now supports Turkish localisation across the entire game.


Disabling Screen Shake Effects

  • Players can now choose to disable screen shake effects triggered in various scenarios by using the ‘Disable Screen Shake’ setting.

Disabling Blur Effects

  • Players can now choose to disable various blur effects such as the ghostly effect on Damned treasure items by using the ‘Disable Blur’ setting.

Fixed Issues


  • Players are now able to bail water with a bucket and dig with a shovel consistently after migrating across servers.
  • Players should now find Rowboats and Harpoon Rowboats appearing emergently across the seas with the intended frequency.
  • Hitting a ship’s harpoons with explosive damage no longer transfers that damage to the ship’s hull, although explosive damage that impacts the hull directly will cause damage as intended. 
  • The Dark Adventurers Blunderbuss should no longer clip into the player’s hands while reloading.
  • When using Alt+Tab to switch windows, using the mouse to click back to the game window will now select the window, and should no longer also perform an action within the game.
  • Selling a stolen Chest of Rage to The Reaper’s Bones should now correctly progress the Hot Goods Commendation. 
  • When releasing the Trident from a harpoon into water, it should no longer spin continuously on the surface.

Sunken Kingdom

  • Voyage items from the Legend of the Sunken Kingdom Voyage can now be stored within Sunken Merfolk Statues.
  • When multiple ships are above the same Sunken Kingdom location, the merfolk should no longer disappear as ships approach.
  • Crews simultaneously storing treasure in Sunken Merfolk Statues across different Siren Shrines should no longer find the treasure count increasing when players store treasure in a different Shrine.
  • Returning to your ship from within a Siren Shrine or Treasury using the Sunken Merfolk Statue and then swimming back down should no longer cause visual issues.
  • Storing and retrieving loot in a Sunken Merfolk Statue should no longer trigger visual effect changes for Sunken Merfolk Statues in other Shrines and Treasuries.
  • The shimmer visible above Siren Treasuries should correctly disappear when the Treasury is completed.
  • Treasury of Sunken Shores – The Hermit enemy should no longer get stuck on rocks on the floor.
  • Treasury of the Secret Wilds – There should no longer be a hole in the exterior of the Treasury.
  • Treasury of the Secret Wilds – Players should no longer be able to gain access to an unintended area on the exterior of the Treasury.
  • Shrine of Flooded Embrace – Fog should now be visible surrounding the Shrine when playing on Xbox.
  • Shrine of Flooded Embrace – If a player migrates to another server after opening all the doors, they should no longer appear open on the destination server.
  • Shrine of Hungering – Players should no longer be able to gain access to an unintended area through a hole in the environment.
  • Shrine of Hungering – The geyser should no longer be active when the water level rises above it.
  • Shrine of the Coral Tomb – Players should no longer be able to gain access to an unintended area through the roof of the red coral cave.
  • Shrine of the Coral Tomb – Players should now have to complete all the puzzles before they are able to access the treasure.
  • Shrine of the Coral Tomb – The shockwave visual effects in the Shrine of the Coral Tomb should no longer extend past the Shrine’s entrance.
  • Shrine of the Coral Tomb – Players should no longer be able to gain access to an unintended area outside the main hall.
  • Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune – When interacting with the first pulley, players should no longer appear to rise off the ground.
  • Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune – When retrieving treasure from Sunken Merfolk Statues, treasure should no longer spawn in the environment.
  • Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune – When the storm passes over the Shrine, the wheels in the top section should no longer turn.
  • Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune – There should no longer be a hole in the terrain behind one of the barrels in the room with the skeleton bridge.
  • Shrine of Tribute – The front entrance and treasure room doors should now have the correct visual effects.

Tall Tales

  • ‘The Fate of the Morningstar’ – The apparition of the skeleton firing the cannons should now animate correctly.
  • ‘The Fate of the Morningstar’ – The ‘Open Sarcophagus’ tooltip should no longer persist after opening the sarcophagus.
  • ‘Shores of Gold’ – Players should no longer be able to jump over the compass puzzle door and fall out of the playable area.
  • ‘A Pirate’s Life’ – The Ferry of the Damned should appear in the correct position to players who join the Tale in progress.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – Starting this tale from a checkpoint will remind crews that the Mermaid statue at the entrance can bring players to the right location for the tale.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – When playing as a female pirate, the Captain’s Cabin key should now sit correctly in the player’s hand during the first-person sequence.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – The Kraken’s head should now have the correct amount of health intended across all crew sizes.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – The water level should be at the correct level even when leaving and returning to the Shrine area.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – The first Siren Threshold after the Silver Blade fight should no longer close as players pass through.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – Migrating across servers during the Castaway’s intro scene should no longer block progress through the Tale or access to the Shrine.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – The Mysterious Voice subtitles should now be visible during the Tale.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – The floating debris on the surface can no longer be harpooned onto the ship.
  • ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – Notifications for receiving checkpoints should now appear as the Tale progresses.
  • ‘Dark Brethren’ – Starting this tale from a checkpoint will remind crews that the Mermaid Statue at the entrance can bring players to the right location for the Tale.
  • ‘Dark Brethren’ – The chains holding the large ship piece should now move correctly when the ship pieces are raised.
  • ‘Dark Brethren’ – There should no longer be an invisible wall beneath the red coral in the Dark Brethren room.
  • ‘Dark Brethren’ – Players should no longer be able to reach otherwise inaccessible areas by jumping on the coral attached to the mast in Sunken Chamber.
  • ‘Dark Brethren’ – Rebinding the left and right movement controls should no longer prevent sideways movement on water slides.
  • ‘Dark Brethren’ – Interrupting Davy Jones should no longer cut off his dialogue and prevent him from saying “Begin the ritual!”
  • ‘Lords of the Sea’ – Players should no longer be able to hear Captain Jack Sparrow’s voice after he sails out of the battle area.

Pirate Emporium

  • Cancelling a real money purchase should no longer cause the game to freeze.

Ocean Crawlers

  • Ocean Crawlers should now take damage from environmental traps.
  • Eel-ectric Chain Lightning attacks can now damage skeletons.


  • Sirens now have additional aggressive animations when performing their Scratch attack.


  • All treasure discovered within the Siren Shrines, Treasuries and their exteriors should now be collectable.
  • Exterior Siren Thresholds within Siren Treasuries should no longer overlap the surrounding environment.

Visual and Audio

  • Leaking audio effects should no longer continue to play if a hole in a ship’s hull is repaired when the player is away from it.
  • Coral Coffers discovered in the Sunken Kingdom will now revert to an appropriately sized single-handed item when converting to a low memory cost model.
  • Floating merfolk now correctly fade out when leaving the area.
  • Handles on the Coral Collector’s Chest should no longer disconnect when the chest closes.
  • Players should now be able to hear other players storing and retrieving loot from Sunken Merfolk Statues.
  • The Coral Message in a Bottle quest scroll now has correct paper audio effects when used.
  • Cannons should now recoil correctly when firing, and visual effects from firebombs should now appear when loaded into a cannon.
  • Hitting any Ocean Crawler with a cutlass should now play the correct audio effect.
  • Volcanic eruption audio effects should no longer be audible in the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern. 
  • The Damned item set should no longer be invisible when performing emotes that make use of a currently equipped item.

Text and Localisation

  • The Guardian of Coral Captain’s Skulls Commendation has now been updated to read “Coral Skulls” in its name and description. 
  • The ‘Continuous When Equipped’ option text for Nautical Narration should no longer overlap the arrows in the menu.
  • The Hunter of Trophy Fish Title should now have the correct Commendation description.


  • When players are in a storm with Nautical Narration enabled, the ship’s compass should now be narrated as “Compass is spinning”.
  • Increased size of the ‘Delete Pirate’, ‘Dismiss Pet’ and ‘Join Session/Create Session’ custom server button text on the Settings screens.
  • The message of the day text on the front end has been increased in size and line height to help with accessibility.

Performance and Stability

  • When performing various different actions in the game, the response time between input and action has been improved on lower-spec hardware.
  • Server stability has been improved, reducing scenarios where crews are removed from a game session.
  • After losing connection to the game and receiving an Allmondbeard error, the ‘What’s New’ menu should no longer show as padlocked and should function correctly.

Known Issues

Ship Physics During Megalodon Attacks

  • Encounters with a hostile Megalodon can cause unexpected physics issues with players’ ships, causing them to be propelled away from the attacking Megalodon.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While small improvements continue to be delivered during our regular updates, we are continuing to investigate and identify further improvements to improve the player combat experience.

Sea of Thieves is now out for the PC (Steam and Windows Store), Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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