Saheb flared up on 15 minutes delay and preparing to ‘punish’ the IAS!


Although being tortured is less than going to jail in terms of punishment, but if the former Chief Secretary of West Bengal is working to deal with Corona in the state and the Chief Minister had said that he needs him, an extension of service should be given to the Chief Minister. It is not a crime to be late to the meeting of the Prime Minister because of living together. Anyway, how the Prime Minister is dealing with Corona and how successful it is not hidden from anyone. In such a situation, if the government of West Bengal or the Chief Minister there is making some efforts separately, then it is not wrong. There is no crime. In such a situation, summoning his Chief Secretary to Delhi is to obstruct the disaster management and his absence due to not being relieved is not a crime in any case. Despite this, the action of the Central Government whose stick is nothing different from its buffalo. In such a situation, I do not think that anything will happen and if it happens then it will be news, now it is politics. Despite Corona, very low quality and of poor quality. If the newspapers do not give importance to it, then there may be less quarrel or else the newspapers should publish this news in the same way as the Telegraph has published. Or the Indian Express has not printed.
Overall, the matter of the Chief Secretary of West Bengal is not being settled. Despite retiring, the Central Government has issued a show-cause notice to him citing the rules and according to the Indian Express news, the Union Home Ministry has taken action under the Disaster Act. The Times of India wrote in the headline, “Facing up to one year in jail.”, however, the Indian Express wrote that the sentence could be extended to two years if the case was made out. The Hindu has written that the Trinamool and BJP clashed over the notice to the former chief secretary. This news is not on the front page of Hindustan Times today while The Telegraph has compared Rishi Durvasha to give notice on “The King and his precious 15 minutes”. It is said about him that he used to curse at the slightest thing. The newspaper has asked the Prime Minister, do you remember how much trouble these people must have suffered for more than 15 minutes? There are three pictures of it. In the first, people are standing with oxygen cylinders. This is from Faridabad on May 6. The second is of a cremation ground in New Delhi where many bodies are kept on the ground. It is May 4. The third picture is of people queuing for food during the lockdown in Delhi. This is May 29.
Needless to say, the meeting related to the CBSE examination was taken by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and in those days the Union Education Minister was busy promoting the medicine of Corona. He was declared ill on the day of the announcement yesterday, the announcement was made by the Prime Minister, which could be announced by the Minister of State for Education to the Education Secretary and the Director of CBSE. Anyway, in this prisoner of Corona, who has work apart from the preachers, yet what is the action against a retired officer for delay of 15 minutes and that too by the system of sending him to jail. The delay happened in relation to the examination and it is happening in relation to the vaccine. After all, what will the children learn and understand? The children of class 12th whose exams got cancelled have to take a decision regarding their career with the help of this decision. They know who is running a ministry trying to implicate an ISS for political reasons and what are their qualifications or charges against them. In such a situation, how young people should decide about their career, what to do? Raising the question of The Telegraph, it seems that the central government may be wrong. The Hindu has published it as a clash between two political parties but the Times of India and Indian Express news will scare any future IAS.
Today’s special news

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The Supreme Court said, give details of the scheme of orphans, the Center promised to share the system of assistance to PM Cares

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The irony of vaccines: very low dosage in Gurgaon

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People of Amreli without electricity even after 15 days of the storm passing

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5.The Telegraph

The king and his precious 15 minutes

The news of Indian Express is particularly noteworthy in this news. The newspaper has reported that people are living without electricity for 15 days after the cyclone that hit the west coast of the country and on the other hand the Prime Minister is taking action against an official coming 15 minutes late in a meeting related to the second storm. Whereas in the western earthquake, Gujarat was given maximum relief and in the eastern one Bengal was given the least (WhatsApp reports, may be wrong). Obviously, all this is arbitrary by the central government and there is no one to see or tell it in the current system or system. Not even a newspaper. That is because the Indian Express has published a small piece of news today that this action is unique and disturbing. Former cabinet secretary BK Chaturvedi, former DoPT secretary, Satyanand Mishra and former home secretary GK Pillai said the central government’s action has created a wrong convention and will discourage bureaucrats. The Telegraph quoted former Union Human Resource Development Secretary Anil Swarup as saying that this is nothing but an act of retaliation. But from the presentation of both the newspapers, it seems that the Indian Express, which left the space vacant in the Emergency, is publishing the news in fear these days.

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