Running with Rifles Cheat Codes


Rifles Cheat Codes- Get to know the Running with Rumble Quest Codes – Roblo here and scroll down to read more about Running with Rifles Cheat Codes, how to redeem Rifles Cheat Codes, and all Rifles Cheat Codes from this article.

Running with Rifles Cheat Codes – Tons of cheats (Auto win, xp, rp, spawn vehicles & weapons…) you can use in single mode

Running with Rifles Cheat Codes – Full List

This is the full list of codes, enjoy them!

  • /promote – +8000 xp.
  • /rp – +2500 rp.
  • /restart – restarts the map
  • /0_win – Auto clear & win the map
  • /kill_rt – destroys all enemy radar jammers.
  • /kill_own_rt – destroys all radar jammers.
  • /complete_campaign – completes the campaign.
  • /whereami – your location on the map.
  • /1_win – win the area
  • /1_lose – lose the area
  • /0_attack – makes the ai defend only…
  • /1_attack makes the ai attack.
  • /test – test yourself.
  • /defend – makes the ai defend only.
  • /kill_aa – destroy all of AA.
  • /modtest – No idea
  • /sidinfo – No idea
  • /kick_id – to kick someone (using the id).
  • /kick – to kick someone (without the id).
  • /wound – No idea

Spawn Cheat codes

  • /mustela – spawns a mustela (a tank)
  • /mortar – spawns a mortar deploy.
  • /DC – spawns a cover deploy.
  • /create_vehicle – spawns a secret cargo vehicle.
  • /gdl – spawns a grenade launcher deploy.
  • /dmg – spawns a machine gun deploy.
  • /dminig – spawns a minigun deploy.
  • /friend – spawns a friendly unit.
  • /foe – spawns a enemy unit.
  • /gb1 – spawns a blue box.
  • /gb2 – spawns a purple box.
  • /gb3 – spawns a titan box.
  • /cb1 – spawns a community box 1.
  • /cb2 – spawns a community box 2.
  • /M29 – spawns a 44 Magnum.
  • /mg – spawns a deployed mg.
  • /G36 – spawns 5 G36 weapon.
  • /tank – spawns a tank.
  • /jeep – spawns a jeep.
  • /humvee – spawn a humvee.
  • /apc – spawns an apc
  • /tow – spawns a tow.
  • /c4 – spawns a c4
  • /m72 – spawns a 4 M72 Law.
  • /laptop – spawns a laptop.
  • /briefcase – spawns a briefcase.
  • /teddybear – spawns a teddy bear.
  • /cargo – spawns a cargo truck.
  • /quad – spawns  a quad.
  • /javelin – spawns a javelin.
  • /mortar – spawns a mortar deploy.

Running with Rifles Cheat Codes – How to use them?

Codes are only available in single mode, just open the chat, type any of these codes, and press enter to activate them

Of course you can use each chat or cheat code more than once. So if you for example want 80k xp, use the cheat code “/promote” eight times

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