Roblox Limitless RPG Codes May 2021, List Of Active Limitless RPG Codes, How To Redeem It?


Roblox Limitless RPG Codes for May 2021 – The Limitless RPG Codes are listed here and this time we are here to assist you with the whole list of codes for Limitless RPG. Read on and know all Roblox Limitless RPG Codes. Here in this article, you will get to know Limitless RPG Codes and more.  

Roblox Limitless RPG Codes 2021

This time we’ve to assist you with the whole list of codes for Limitless RPG. We all know that with these codes you’ll get the most effective rewards and take your play expertise to a consequent level. Fortuitously for you nowadays it’s attainable to search out many active and valid codes for Limitless RPG. Don’t hesitate and begin using as presently as attainable all the codes that we tend to leave here for you.

Latest Roblox Limitless RPG Codes May 2021

BuffBoy – Redeem code for a Health Potion
XMASCandy – Redeem code for 125 Candy Canes
WiseMan – Redeem code for an XP Potion
HoooHoooHooo – Redeem code for 25 Gems

Expired RPG Roblox Codes Till 2021

inventorySlottiez – Redeem code for 5 Inventory Slots

Limitless RPG Best Weapon

Get into the rewards panel, be part of the group (left button), just like the group (middle button) and at last click on the right button to sort the codes and redeem the rewards.

WeaponDropped byDrop ChanceRarityMaximumLevelAverage Base Damage
NameMob%mythic 175
GhoswordeeriGhosdeeriN/ACollectible N/A
HammerThe Zombie King7.5%Rare 325
Reptilian SwordLizard Man30%Uncommon 400
Sword of the Winged ZombieThree-Headed Zombie0.5%Legendary 900
Legendary Ice ClubThe Yeti2%Legendary 1000
Great Guardian SwordIron Guardian10%Legendary 1100
Captain’s CutlassCaptain Rampage & Captain Bluesteel2%Legendary 1800
Skull CutlassCaptain Bones0.75%Mythic 2500
The Lion’s ClawsThe Lion5%Mythic 2750
GhostColossal Poison FrogorPoison Frog0.01%Relicover10003k~15k
Gangster Crab’s KnifeGangster Crab0.06969%Collectible 6969
The Golden CutlassBeatrix2.5%Collectible 16000
Mini CrystalCrystallized Minion Legendary 20000
King CrystalCrystal King Godly 30000
CrystalCrystal Warrior Mythic 25000
Moon DaggerAlien Hatchling & Zombie Spaceman Legendary 25k~30k
Moon SwordAlien & Lost Spaceman Mythic 15k~40k
Alien Head on a StickAlien Leader Godly 35000
Blue TentacleMaceSad Tentacle Alien Legendary 27000
Tentacle MaceTentacle Alien, Three Eyed Alien & Angry Alien Legendary 40000
Big Tentacle MaceAlien Lord Godly 45000
Crystallized MushroomMushroom Knight Mythic 50000
Glowing MushroomMushroom King Godly 40000
Dragon Knight’s ClawDragon Knight Godly 60000
Dragon ClawDragon Godly 60000
Great Fire AxeThe 1st – 6th Hooded Mythic 60000
Magma SwordMagma Skeleton Mythic 60000
Grim Reaper’s ScytheGrim Reaper Demonic 80000
Fire AxeMagma Monster Godly20090000
Demon Overlord’s SwordDemon Overlord Demonic500100000
Corrupted FirebreatherMagma Warrior Relic 120000

How To Redeem Limitless RPG Codes?

Follow the steps given below to redeem the Roblox Limitless RPG codes:

  • First, open the game
  • Click on the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen. A new window will appear.
  • Enter the working code into the text box.
  • Tap on Redeem to receive the free reward. 
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Roblox Limitless RPG Codes – FAQs

1. How to redeem Roblox Limitless RPG Codes?

Get into the rewards panel, be part of the group (left button), just like the group (middle button) and at last click on the right button to sort the codes and redeem the rewards.

2. How do you get epic coins in epic RPG?

You can either do this by receiving them in random situations (higher levels if you want epic coins) or you could vote for the epic coins.

3. What is Limitless RPG?

Limitless RPG is an action-fighting-adventure RPG game originally created by Core Productions4. What does the code “Luckyhell” offer?

With this code, you will get a lucky potion.

5. Are the Roblox Limitless RPG codes active?

Yes, the Roblox Limitless RPG are active.