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Made in India, Rizzle app has crossed more than 6 million downloads in India and the United States of America and the platform’s audience base is expanding rapidly.  Launched in 2019, Rizzle aims to break the monotonous idea of other video-sharing apps. It is more creator-centric and is open for a wide range of categories, including comedy, drama, mystery and crime, action, romance, fantasy, science fiction and more.

Rizzle App Which Country

The ban of the multiple apps in India because of various reasons one of which being the Indo-China border conflict has made people cautious especially with regard to the apps that they are downloading. Thus it should come as no surprise that questions like Rizzle App Which Country has been asked. The question Rizzle App Which Country has been asked with the aim of finding out the Rizzle App owner Country to make sure that the Rizzle App is not a Chinese app that has been banned in the country. Along with questions like Rizzle App Which Country is the question Rizzle App owner that has been frequently asked. But before we venture to find out the Rizzle App Which Country let us enlighten ourselves with what the Rizzle App is. Rizze app came to the rescue of thousands who were disappointed with the ban of TikTok. The Rizzle App is very much like the Tiktok but on a smaller scale with the same functions. Rizzle App is primarily a short video app. 

Rizzle App Which Country – Overview

Rizzle AppDetails
Rizzle App Which CountryIndia
Rizzle App FounderVidya Narayanan 
Rizzle App Developing CompanySilverlabs Technologies, Inc.
Rizzle App Release DateIn 2019
Size 66 MB

Rizzle App Owner Country

If you are also wondering about the Rizzle App Which Country and are looking for a Rizzle App owner country, you are in luck as we have here Rizzle App Which Country. The Rizzle App is an Indian app. In fact the Rizzle App was developed in Hyderabad, one of the cities in India. The Rizzle App was developed to fill the gap that was left by TikTok. The Rizzle app launched in 2019 has been doing well with its exceptional features. The app was not just released to India, the app was also released to the US where the app has been doing well despite its competitor Tiktok’s overbearing presence. 

Rizzle App Owner Country – Hyderabad, India

Rizzle App Founder

Rizzle App which Country we know now is India but who is the Rizzle App founder and what is the developing company that published the Rizzle App. Rizzle App founder is Vidya Narayanan who released the app via Silverlabs Technologies, Inc. in 2019. Vidya Narayanan in an interview stated that in the midst of short video giants like TikTok and Moj the USP – Unique selling point of Rizzle would be the fact that Rizzle app would not just have short video facilities but also host  channels and episodic play where users can even post nano vertical web series. 

Lakshminath Dondeti, Cofounder of Rizzle App, said, “We are very excited about “RSeries Originals” and “R360 Originals” as this is the first such contest for short video creators. At Rizzle, we have always appreciated and encouraged original content. Rizzle’s unique ‘Collabs’ feature allows creators to collaborate for debates, skits, talk-shows, and others. The platform supports sponsorships for creators to monetize their channels with audience sponsorships. Rizzle focuses on nurturing originality which makes this journey exhilarating and promising for creators.”

Starting July 27, 2020, Rizzle will start evaluating applications received for “RSeries Originals”and “R360 Originals”.  All you have to do is create a three-minute pilot (3-6 videos of one minute or less). The video content can range from opinions to stand-up comedy acts, talk shows, from skits to vlogs, or others. The best entries will not only receive cash assistance, but the content creators will also earn international recognition as the Rizzle app is fast becoming the darling of the youths in India and the United States. Rizzle will also provide support with sound effects, design elements, and more for the chosen creators.

Rizzle App Founder – Vidya Narayanan

Rizzle App Features

Now that we know the answer to Rizzle App Which Country, who the Rizzle App Founder is let us find out what the Rizzle App features.  

  • One of the most alluring features of the Rizzle app is that the developers of this app keep adding new features making it even more interesting and intriguing.
  • Users can create short videos that they can edit and share all in a few minutes
  • The app also offers a number editing tools that makes the whole process of editing enjoyable
  • Users can make meme videos with the TITAN feature 
  • Visual effects and filters aid you in your creation of dramatic videos
  • One of the features of this app that has not been found in any other is the short web series 
  • These web series can be as short as a few seconds tus many have even called this the nano web series.
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Rizzle App Which Country-FAQs

Is rizzle app Indian?

Made in India, right here in Hyderabad, Rizzle is a community-focused short-video app that is all about original content. … Launched in mid-2019, this app has seen a growth in users in India and US with more than 6 million users.

Who made rizzle app?

Vidya Narayanan – Co-founder and CEO 

How does rizzle app make money? / How To Earn Money on Rizzle By Watching Videos?

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Open the app and register using Google account.
  3. You will get ₹1 bonus on sign up.
  4. Now just watch videos.
  5. The more videos you watch the more money you can earn.
  6. The money you earn can be withdrawn to Paytm wallet or Bank.
  7. Minimum payout is ₹200.

Which country made in short app?

inshot app belongs to the Asian country China. InShot Inc. Is basically a Chinese Android developer that has been active since 2011. InShot App is a video Editing app that comes from Chinese developer QuVideo.

What is a rizzle?

To relax after a heavy meal. See also related terms for relax. Farlex Trivia Dictionary.

How do I monetize drizzle? / How do I qualify for a premium channel? 

Create 21 videos a week to qualify That’s just 3 videos a day (active ‘Rizzlers’ create 10+ videos a day)! If you already have a channel on Rizzle, you are welcome to create more. Your current channel can also qualify for premium status.

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