Reroll in Dislyte, How to Reroll

Reroll in Dislyte How to Reroll
Reroll in Dislyte How to Reroll

Dislyte is an gacha game from developer Lilith Games, the creator of AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms. It features a blend of fantasy, mythology, and cyberpunk aesthetics to create a unique mobile experience. Dislyte was released on May 10, 2022, for iOS and Android. You can download the title through Apple Store or Google Play Store. If you want to know how to reroll in Dislyte, you’ve come to the right place. The game does let you repeat certain pulls a few times a day, so that you can get more chances to get the legendary Esper you want. So, let’s find out how to trigger those rerolls, shall we?

How to Reroll in Dislyte

If you want to reroll in Dislyte. So for this you have to go through many steps which are not very complicated. This method should work for everybody pretty well. The first step is to spend at least one hour in the game, or reach Chapter 4. Basically, you want to get ten Golden Records (don’t forget to use Dislyte codes to this end) and spend them on getting a 10x pull in the gacha menu. This pull guarantees a legendary-level Esper. If you got the one you want, be on your way. If not, tap the profile icon in the top left then go into Settings. Tap the Service tab in the top middle, then go to Account Service and tap Initialize Account. Follow the instructions from there and be sure to bind your Distyle account to Facebook or Google beforehand. This will reset your progress, and you can repeat the pull. You can do this three times a day.

So guys, after following all the instructions mentioned above, you must have understood very well that in this way you can reroll in Distyle. It’s not the only method, mind you. If you’re still at the beginning and you’ve used the 10x pull you got for pre-registering, but you don’t mind losing some initial progress, here’s what you can do. Exit the game and go into Settings, then Apps and Notifications, and select Dislyte. Tap Storage, and select Clear Storage. You can now start over from the very beginning. It’s a hassle, and really only works for Android, so I don’t really recommend it. On iOS, you have to reinstall the game completely, and it won’t always work. So, best stick to the original plan.

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