Record more than 6 thousand deaths in a day from Corona; Why did this happen? Is Bihar the first state to correct its data?


On Wednesday, 6,138 deaths were recorded from Corona in the country. This is the largest number of deaths due to corona in a single day so far. Earlier on May 18, the highest number of deaths were 4,529. Bihar was the reason for this sudden increase in the number of deaths on Wednesday. In fact, a total of 3,951 deaths were recorded in Bihar on 9 June. Which is 64% of the total deaths on Wednesday.

So did Bihar have so many deaths in one day?

No. It’s not like that. In fact, the Principal Secretary of the Health Department of Bihar formed a committee on 18 May. This committee reviewed the death due to corona. A review from medical colleges and districts found that 72% of the deaths did not go on record.

On Wednesday, Principal Secretary, Health Department, Pratyaya Amrit told about 3,951 deaths which had not been reported till now. However, when these deaths happened was not told. This is the first time in Bihar that the state government has tried to correct the number of deaths. In such a situation, some of these deaths may have happened during the first wave of Corona last year.


So has so far only Bihar corrected the figures of deaths from Corona?

Bihar may have tried to correct the figures for the first time, but many states continue to do so. Like in Maharashtra this type of exercise is done at the end of every month. Even in the daily figures of Maharashtra, different figures are given for the deaths in the last 48 hours and the deaths in the last one week.

It can be understood from these examples- A total of 425 deaths were reported in Maharashtra on 27 May. Of these, 267 deaths occurred in the last 48 hours, while the remaining 158 deaths reported on May 27 occurred during the last one week. That is, many cases of death are reported even a week after the incident.

Similarly, 65 deaths at the Covid Care Center of Baba Barfani Hospital in Haridwar, Uttarakhand were not reported. A few days later, this figure was reported from different districts, because the other districts where people died were reported by the administration there.

More than 10000 deaths in 10 states

Statespeople died from corona
Uttar pradesh24,516
West Bengal16,555
Andhra Pradesh11,696
Tamil Nadu28,710

How has the added deaths affected the situation in Bihar?

After adding 3,951 deaths, the total death toll in Bihar has gone up to 9,429. Bihar was till now at number 16 in terms of maximum deaths. After the deaths added on Wednesday, it has come to number 12. After adding new deaths, the recovery rate of the state has also come down. Even on Wednesday, the state’s daily recovery rate went down to minus.

After adding these deaths, the CFR of Bihar has increased from 0.76% to 1.32%. At the same time, if we look at the country-wise, then the death rate in the country has increased from 1.22% to 1.23%.

Is this happening after Prime Minister Modi’s appeal to tell the correct figures?

No. It’s not like that. On May 16 last year, Maharashtra and Delhi added the old death figures. These were the first states to do such an exercise. Maharashtra had reported 1409 deaths on 16 May 2020. Out of these, only 81 deaths were on 16 May, the remaining 1328 were added to the old deaths. which were not previously reported. At the same time, 437 deaths were reported in Delhi on 16 May 2020. Of these, 344 deaths were reported late.

Maharashtra has been adding chronic deaths continuously since May 2020. Old deaths are updated every 15 to 30 days. For example, out of 661 deaths on Wednesday, 400 were such that happened before the last week, but could not be reported. Out of the remaining 261 deaths, only 170 deaths occurred during the last 48 hours. Whereas, 91 were deaths during the last one week. which were not previously reported.

Maharashtra has the highest death toll in the last 24 hours after Bihar

Statespeople died from corona
Tamil Nadu405

Why were the deaths added in Bihar not reported earlier?

The Bihar government says that the figures that have increased include deaths on the way to home isolation and going to the hospital. After investigation, many such cases have been added. Due to this, an increase of 72% has been recorded in the death toll in Bihar.


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