Rebellion again in Rajasthan: Sachin Pilot said – promises made to us are not fulfilled even after 10 months; Unfortunate not to listen to the workers who brought the party to power


In Rajasthan, after the revolt of the Sachin Pilot camp last year, the Congress has started protesting once again after the report of the three-member Conciliation Committee of the Congress is not yet received. Former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot has expressed his displeasure over not fulfilling the promises made to him. In a conversation with an English newspaper, Pilot openly expressed his displeasure and said that it has been 10 months and the promises made to him have not been fulfilled.

Pilot said, “I was explained that the conciliation committee would take action expeditiously, but half the term is over and those issues are still unresolved.” It is unfortunate that the workers who worked day and night and put their all to bring the party to power are not being heard.

Sachin Pilot had said on April 14 – there is no reason for the delay

Pilot had said on April 14, ‘Many months ago a committee was formed. I am sure there will be no more delay. The discussions that were held and the issues on which consensus was reached, should be acted upon with immediate effect and it will happen, I think. I have full faith in Sonia Gandhi, the committee was formed on her orders. There are currently two members on the committee. There were by-elections and elections to five states, they are also about to end, so I don’t think there is any reason now that there will be further delay in implementing the decisions of that committee.

Due to the latest statement of Pilot, again the round of discussions in Congress

With the latest statement of Sachin Pilot, once again the internal politics of Congress has become hot. Pilot’s statement came at a time when one of his supporters, Hemaram Choudhary, had resigned on May 18 over the issue of neglecting development works in the area. At the same time, two days ago, Sachin Pilot camp MLA PR Meena has praised Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s budget after three months. It is being told that Meena’s statement was also issued by the Chief Minister’s camp. Now after the latest statement of Sachin Pilot, his displeasure has once again come to the fore.

Waiting for the report of the reconciliation committee for 10 months, the pilot camp is losing patience

After the revolt of the Sachin Pilot camp last year, on August 11, the Congress formed a committee comprising KC Venugopal, Ahmed Patel and Ajay Maken. The work of this conciliation committee was to listen to the demands of Sachin Pilot and his supporting MLAs and report to the high command on the basis of that.

Ahmed Patel, a member of the committee, has passed away. 10 months have passed since this committee was formed, but till now its report is not known. Sachin Pilot had said at that time that this committee would give an immediate report and action would be taken on it. But now due to non-action on the demands, the pilot is giving a patient answer to the camp.