Ravish Kumar said – the number of lies that governments have lied to in 1 year, it has never been spoken on earth


Seven years of NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been completed between two epidemics (1- Coronavirus, 2- Black Fungus) in the country. On the government’s anniversary (a total of seven years at the Center, while the second year of Modi 2.0), the PM claimed that India has experienced many moments of national pride in the past seven years.

In the radio program “Mann Ki Baat”, he shared the details of his government’s welfare schemes. The statement, titled “Vikas Yatra”, said that the “spirit of service” has been prominent in every step taken by the Center. But at the grassroots level, this service sentiment did not seem to leave a mark on the public. This is because the eighth year of the Modi government has come with two big challenges. The first – the second wave of Corona (termed as ‘Tsunami’), which reduced public confidence in the government, while the second – the party raised voices in the Andakhana itself on a number of issues. Believe that there is anger and resentment among your own people.

“This is the worst time ever since we took charge in 2014,” our associate newspaper ‘The Indian Express’ was told by a senior BJP in-charge and senior BJP leader on condition of anonymity. Other party leaders like him also confess that there is an atmosphere of uneasiness in every household falling under the party line after criticizing the BJP on issues such as demonetisation, NRC, Jammu and Kashmir, China and GDP.

The BJP leader said, “Our honest supporters are with us, but for the first time after 2014, we have to hear from our supporters etc. about the leadership and competence of the Center.” He further added, “But this thing cannot be rectified. Leadership is also aware of the anger and resentment at the grassroots level. We are preparing ahead keeping all these things in mind. ” Another leader said that April and May 2021 were “unusual” and saw “public outrage in the crisis/crisis” that currently persists.

These are the major challenges of the Modi government: Correctly dealing with the Coronavirus crisis. Also to get the country’s population vaccinated in time. Strengthening health services and infrastructure. Bringing the economy back on track and doing concrete work on job creation. Direct help to marginalized people, including migrant labourers etc. Correct handling of hurricanes and natural disasters in times of epidemics. To calm the agitation of the farmers regarding the three agricultural laws. Not only this, the LAC dispute with China and dealing with the issue of terrorism on the Pak front are also big issues.

By the way, the Modi government has decided not to celebrate the completion of its seven years this time, but in the mind of PM and recent achievements by BJP Chief JP Nadda, after this, the intelligentsia and the opposition parties targeted the BJP. NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar alleged through a Facebook post on May 30, “The number of lies that governments have lied in the last one year has not been spoken in the history of this earth.” He did this while sharing the news about the antigen test to be done for Corona.

On the other hand, Shiv Sena advised the Modi government to introspect. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut on Sunday said that India has existed since the time of Jawaharlal Nehru due to the good works of Manmohan Singh’s governments and the current Modi government needs to introspect whether it has met the basic needs of the people. . The Maharashtra Congress celebrated the seventh anniversary of the Narendra Modi government as “Black Day” and accused the Center of “pushing” the country towards the Kovid-19 crisis.

At the same time, Congress said that the Modi government is harmful to the country because it has failed on every front and it has broken the trust of the people. The party said, “The truth is that the seven years of the Modi government are a story of immense suffering, immense devastation and immense suffering for a country of 140 crore people.” On this occasion, the opposition party has issued a charge sheet of seven “big mistakes” made by the government, in which the Modi government has been accused of relinquishing its responsibilities to the people.