Center V/S Kejriwal: Deputy CM of Delhi said – BJP became a feuding party in India, they only have work to fight with the states


Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has targeted the BJP government at the Center. In a press conference on Friday, Sisodia said that the ministers of the central government are abusing the Delhi government. These are his rituals. He said that the Center has taken all the decisions after being reprimanded by the Supreme Court. BJP has become an Indian quarrel party.

Sisodia asked the central government that if pizza can reach home, why not ration? BJP has now become an Indian quarrel party. They now have only the task of fighting with the states. He said that whether it is the issue of oxygen or cancellation of the examination, the central government has reprimanded the Supreme Court on every issue.

Didn’t listen to 1.5 crore children

Sisodia accused the central government of complicating the issue of oxygen. He said that it had to be fixed in time. Sisodia said that 1.5 crore children kept pleading with the central government to cancel the examination, cancel the examination, but did not listen to them. Later, when the Supreme Court intervened on this, then somewhere the examination was cancelled.

Centre’s attitude not good: Sisodia

Sisodia further said that the attitude of the central government regarding the vaccine was also not good. He sometimes fought with the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee and sometimes with the Kejriwal government of Delhi. The ministers of the Center kept abusing the state governments only by coming on TV. The senior minister of the Center held a press conference and called the Kejriwal government bad-mouthed on the issue ranging from ration to oxygen. Maharashtra and Jharkhand are also troubled by the central government.

Abuse is not in our culture

Sisodia said that abusing on the issue of ration, oxygen and vaccine is in his culture, not mine. The central government does not want to allow even the delivery of ration to the poor man’s house. If the CM of Delhi, who studied in IIT of the 21st century, wants to reach ration to the homes of the poor, then what is wrong with it.