Ramdev is badmouthing doctors for running his business, he should apologize: AIIMS doctors


Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru and owner of Patanjali, has been in trouble by making controversial statements regarding allopathic medicine. On the one hand, strict action has been taken against them by the Indian Medical Association. So the doctors of the same country have also opened a front against him.

In fact, due to the statement given about allopathic medicine, doctors are expressing their displeasure openly towards Baba Ramdev.

In this episode, thousands of doctors have jointly protested against Baba Ramdev at AIIMS in Safdarjung, Delhi. In fact, doctors across the country are celebrating Black Day with this protest today.

Doctors said, for the past several days, Ramdev has spread chaos all over the country. This is quite condemnable especially in the health sector.

So far, about 21 crore people have been vaccinated and Baba Ramdev is creating fury in the minds of people by talking ridiculous. He is creating fear in the minds of the people to save his empire.

By doing this he just wants to run his business. Doctors say that the country’s politicians and such people are running propaganda in the country. So that people do not trust doctors.

Doctors demand that in the way they have made publicly blasphemous statements about allopathy medicine. Similarly, he also apologized to the doctors.

Until Baba Ramdev apologizes to the devotees. Till then our protest will continue like this. We will continue to protest against them.

Doctors protesting against Baba Ramdev have demanded his arrest.

It is said that along with private hospitals, resident doctors now working in government hospitals are also becoming part of this protest.