Rajasthan: 100 ventilators from PM Cares fund were spoiled, was the opportunity in disaster a scam?


There is a worrisome situation due to increasing cases of corona infection in the country. Where many states are complaining that they are not getting adequate amounts of corona vaccine.

At the same time, the ventilators installed in hospitals are also getting spoiled with the PM Cares Fund launched by the Modi government.

Till now it has been reported from many state government hospitals that the ventilators installed for the treatment of corona infected patients are not working properly.

Meanwhile, news has come out from Jodhpur in Rajasthan that 100 ventilators given by the government to Mathuradas Mathur Hospital there are not working.

The cases of corona infection are also increasing rapidly in Rajasthan. Such as when ventilators were to be used to treat patients in hospitals. So it turned out that 100 ventilator is bad.

The doctors of the hospital have been informed by writing a letter to the hospital superintendent that the UPS and other parts to be supplied with 100 ventilators have not been received yet. Because of which the ventilators have deteriorated.

It is said that at present there are 208 ventilators in Mathuradas Mathur Hospital in Jodhpur. Out of which 100, 108 are working at the moment due to ventilator failure.

Patients are being treated with the help of these. The ventilators as well as the oxygen sensors in the hospital are also not working properly.

In this case, the companies by which ventilators have been made. They too have been informed and asked to correct it. Because of the increasing incidence of corona infection in the state, ventilators are now most needed in hospitals.

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