Rahul Gandhi’s target on Modi – this government’s vaccine strategy is not less than demonetisation, there are 3 reasons.


Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi raised questions on the central government’s vaccine strategy. Rahul compared the vaccine strategy to demonetisation. He said that the vaccine strategy of this government is nothing short of demonetisation. By tweeting, Rahul listed three reasons. He said that, due to vaccination, common people will be engaged in the lines. Secondly, people will suffer loss of money, health and life. ‘

Counting the third flaw in the vaccine strategy, Rahul wrote that, “Only a few industrialists will benefit from the central government’s vaccine strategy in the end.” It is known that Rahul Gandhi has also been hit by Corona. Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has also commented on them. Vij says that, when Corona was introduced, Rahul Gandhi made a number of statements. But now they themselves are infected with the virus. In such a situation, if they face any problem in getting a place in Delhi, then they can come to Haryana. We will provide them better treatment.

This is the central government vaccine strategy

Last day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the vaccine strategy. Modi said that vaccination will be done free of cost in government hospitals, as is happening now. However, at the moment it is not clear whether citizens between the ages of 18 and 45 will also be given free vaccine in government hospitals. In addition, the Prime Minister, while noting the problems faced by the medium, small shopkeepers and businessmen, told the Chief Ministers that “Lockdown is the last resort. Do not strictly implement it. States should adopt other methods instead.”

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