Rahul Gandhi VS Smriti Irani: Between Corona, both the leaders helped the people of Amethi a lot; Smriti comes here every month, Rahul takes care of the phone


After a long time, a good fight has been seen in politics. These days this battle is being fought between Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Union Minister Smriti Irani in Amethi. There is a competition between the two as to who can help the people of Amethi the most. It started with the lockdown in March last year.

Smriti visits the people of Amethi almost every month. Sometimes there are two trips in a month. Rahul is lagging behind in this matter. After the defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he did not reach Amethi even once. However, his representatives say that Rahul does call every week to take care of people.

Amethi MP and Union Minister Smriti Irani provided oxygen concentrators and other help to the local people.

Rahul starts, Smriti surpasses

In the first wave of Corona, both the leaders distributed ration, masks and sanitisers among the people of Amethi almost simultaneously, but in the second wave, Rahul won. Already he got oxygen cylinders delivered to 20 needy people. When Smriti came to know about this, she sent 42 oxygen concentrators to the people of Amethi. After that, there was a race for help. However, so far Smriti has helped more people than Rahul.

What did Rahul Gandhi do?

  • Distributed ration, mask and sanitiser to 10 thousand people.
  • So far 20 oxygen cylinders, 20 oxygen concentrators have been given in the second wave.
  • Distributed 10 thousand medicine kits.
  • 1 sanitiser tanker given.
Congress leaders distributing oxygen concentrator sent by Rahul Gandhi.

What did Smriti Irani do?

  • Ration was distributed to 15 thousand people.
  • Distribute 42 oxygen concentrators.
  • 1.85 lakh N-95 masks distributed.
  • Distributed 1.85 lakh soaps.
  • 200 high concentrators were given.
  • 2 thousand PPE kits for Asha daughters-in-law.
  • An oxygen plant was installed.
Police officers distributing masks sent by Smriti Irani.

Smriti helped every class

  • According to Vijay Gupta, personal secretary of Smriti Irani, he tried to reach out to every section of Amethi. Oxygen concentrators were first given to the people suffering from oxygen crisis and now oxygen plants are being installed. Apart from this, 4 thousand N-95 masks and 4 thousand soaps were sent for the cleaning workers.
  • Arranged 8 thousand N-95 masks, 8 thousand soaps for two thousand Anganwadi workers. Provided 8 thousand N-95 masks, 8 thousand soaps and 2 thousand PPE kits to 2 thousand Asha daughters-in-law.
  • Distributed 1.50 lakh N-95 masks and 1.50 lakh soaps among lawyers, journalists, newspaper distributors and temple priests. Right now the planning of his tour is going on this month as well. She can reach Amethi any time in the next one week and meet people.

Rahul started the work of sanitization of every house

Congress Committee spokesperson Arvind Chaturvedi said that Rahul has sent a tanker to every house for sanitization. With the help of this, Congress leaders and workers have started sanitization work from street to street.