Petrol becomes 105 Rs for the first time in the country, Shiv Sena said – Vault became empty in elections, BJP is filling it


Petrol and diesel prices have increased once again today. Government oil companies have increased petrol prices by 28 to 29 paise per liter and diesel prices by 24 to 28 paise.

With this, petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 in many cities of the country. This is the 17th increase in petrol diesel prices in the month of May. Talking about Rajasthan, petrol has been increased to Rs 105 per liter here.

The Corona epidemic and two consecutive lockdowns have broken the back of the common man, after which rising petrol diesel prices have added to the problems of the people.


While the common man is troubled by the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, there is no clear message from the government on this.

It seems that the government is not worried about the increase in petroleum products.

Raising prices 17 times a month is not a normal thing, yet the government seems to be carefree. The government has blamed the oil companies for the price rise in petroleum products.

The central government has said many times that the prices of petrol diesel are beyond our control, but no one is ready to say that why these prices do not increase during the elections of West Bengal and other states?

The Shiv Sena has raised this issue vigorously in its mouthpiece Saamana. Saamana has written in her editorial that the incumbent ruler can go to any extent to win the election.

Petrol diesel was constantly getting expensive but suddenly it became cheaper during elections, now when the elections passed it started becoming expensive once again.

The Shiv Sena said that it seems that the vault that was left vacant due to taxation of petrol diesel during the elections, the government wants to fill it.

Taking a sarcasm at the inflation of petrol diesel, the Shiv Sena said that prices were miraculously stable even before the Bihar and Delhi assembly elections.

Compared to neighbouring countries, petrol in India is twice as expensive as in Pakistan. Petrol is getting 51.39 rupees in Pakistan right now. Talking about China there, petrol is Rs 81.68 per litre there.


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