Pathetic picture of Gujarat model, People are standing outside the hospital, injections are being distributed in the BJP office


At present, due to the second wave of Corona in the country, the atmosphere remains quite worrying.

On one hand, despite the introduction of the corona vaccine, people are falling prey to corona. On the other hand, there are also reports of heavy shortage of Corona vaccine in the country.

Especially the governments of non-BJP ruled states are complaining that they are not being provided adequate quantity of corona vaccine.


Now this problem is also increasing in BJP ruled Gujarat. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Remedisvir injections are being distributed free in the BJP office in Gujarat.

Gujarat BJP President CR Patil claims that 5000 Remedesivir injections have been given from the BJP office to relatives of Corona-infected patients.

While it is being claimed by the Modi government that Remadecivir Injection is not in stock.

Following the claim of Gujarat BJP President CR Patil, the Vijay Rupani government has come under target of opposition parties.

In this case, the opposition parties say that when the government has declared this injection to be in stock. So how is this vaccine distributed to the people on such a large scale in the BJP office?

Opposition parties say that the BJP government has full responsibility for vaccinations amidst increasing corona infection cases. At a time when the vaccine is running all over the country, where did such a huge amount of vaccine come from in a party office

Congress says that BJP state president CR Patil in Gujarat had announced to give 5000 injections free of cost to the people of Surat.

After which a huge crowd of people gathered in the BJP office. Where the flag of social distancing was openly blown.

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