Only nine private hospitals were given 50 per cent and six cities gave 80 per cent covshield and covaccine, huge disparity in corona vaccine distribution


After the second wave of corona, vaccination is being considered as the biggest weapon of protection as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a big thing has come to the fore. According to the data, only 9 major hospitals of the country were provided 50 per cent of the vaccine dose. This is the data for May. Since the government has decided to take the vaccine to the open market, a total of 1.20 crore doses have been received by private hospitals. Of these, only 9 hospitals were given 60.57 doses of vaccine.

The remaining 50 per cent of the vaccine dose was also given to private hospitals located in urban areas. These 300 hospitals are located in some of the other big city. Let us tell you that from May 1, the government has changed the policy. Now the government has given permission to buy the vaccine directly from the vaccine manufacturer. Private players can buy 50 per cent of the total production from the vaccine manufacturer.

In the month of May, private hospitals bought 15.6 per cent of the total production of the vaccine. That is, the total production was 7.94 crore doses, out of which 120 crore doses were bought by private hospitals. While the states took 22.66 crores and the Center took 4.09 crores doses.

The nine hospitals that have purchased 50 per cent of this category of Covaccine and Covishield include Apollo Hospitals, Max Healthcare, Reliance Foundation-run HN Hospital Trust, Medica Hospital, Fortis Healthcare, Godrej, Manipal Health, Narayana Hrudayalaya and Keckno India.

These hospitals are mostly in metros and Tier-I cities. These private hospitals get Covishield at Rs 600 per dose and Covaccine at Rs 1200 per dose. An expert said that even the companies making vaccines give priority to those private players who can pay more on time. Hospitals charge people Rs 850 to 1000 for Coveshield and Rs 1250 for Covaccine.

Hospitals in many smaller cities have also complained of discrimination in the distribution of vaccines. The director of Hindusabha Hospital in Mumbai said, ‘We had ordered 30 thousand doses. We got only 3 thousand doses. Big hospitals have good resources and they do good deals with vaccine manufacturers, so we don’t get enough doses.