On the birthday of CM Yogi, SP celebrated #UP_Unemployment_Day, said- Uttar Pradesh will never forgive you


Today is the birthday of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. On this occasion, the opposition is celebrating CM’s birthday in a unique way.

Yogi’s birthday is being celebrated as UP Unemployed Day. #UP_Unemployment_Day is trending on social media platform since morning.

Along with this, the situation of employment generation, jobs and unemployment in UP is being shown by opposition leaders in social media.

Samajwadi Party spokesperson Manoj Kaka has tweeted on this occasion that Happy UP Unemployed Day to CM Yogi Adityanath.

While releasing the figures, Manoj Kaka said that the unemployment rate in UP is 18 percent. Recruitment of 12460 teachers has not been completed. Let it be completed. There are other vacancies of 68500 teachers, 69000 by releasing the next list government.

Manoj Kaka also raised the issue of inspector recruitment and said that the 2016 batch recruitment should be completed.

Unemployment rate in UP is 18%, all recruitment is on hold #12460Teacher_Recruit_Puri_Karo #68500Teacher_Recruitment #69000_Next_List_Issued_Kare_Govt #2016 Batch Inspector Recruitment #UP_Unemployment_Day#UP_Unemployment_Day


SP leader Ashish Yadav wrote- “Patient Model”: There is no job, employment destroyed. #UP_Employment_Day

“Patient Model” :

There are no jobs, jobs destroyed. #UP_Unemployment_Day


At the same time, SP leader IP Singh wrote- “Today, in honor of Yogi, the students have decided to celebrate this day as UP Unemployment Day. Uttar Pradesh will never forgive those who snatched the employment of students.

Today, in honor of Yogi Baba, the students have decided to celebrate this day as #UP Unemployment Day.

Uttar Pradesh will never forgive the one who snatched the employment of the students.

  • I.P. SINGH (@IPSINGHSP) JUNE 5, 2021

It is known that unemployment is the biggest problem in UP. The BJP government of the state is not seen to be taking any concrete steps to remove unemployment and to generate employment, there is resentment among the students and youth of the state for this.

Talking about the data, according to the government data in the year 2018, the unemployment rate in UP was 5.92%, which increased to 9.97% in 2019. The unemployment rate in UP is doubling year after year. Right now it is being said that the unemployment rate in UP is around 18%.

Let us tell you that there is such a situation of unemployment in UP that PhD and MBA degree holders are also seen applying for class IV jobs here.

The situation of government recruitment in UP is also very bad. From the year 2016 to 2019, out of 24 different recruitments taken out by the government, 22 are stuck due to different reasons. The plight of UP has become such that due to financial constraints and unemployment in the state, cases of suicides of youth keep coming to the fore.

The interesting thing is that there is no problem of unemployment in the state in the figures of the UP government.

Recently, in the survey of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, it has been told that the Yogi government in UP has given government jobs to a record 04 lakh youth. What is the reality of these figures, only the people of UP know this!