Nitish’s development has been washed away in water! Water filled in Darbhanga hospital, waterlogging till the ward


After the Toute cyclone in the past, the Yas cyclone has also done a lot of damage in many states of the country. Many areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have been badly affected due to the Yas cyclone.

A total of 7 people have died due to this cyclone in Bihar. At the same time, moderate to heavy rainfall has occurred in many parts of the state.

During this time people have faced heavy troubles. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced an ex-gratia amount of four each to the families of those who died in the Yas cyclone. Those injured will be treated free of cost.

Meanwhile, news has come out that due to the Yas cyclone, the rain in Darbhanga district of Bihar has caused waterlogging in Darbhanga Medical College.

Due to the accumulation of water in many parts of the hospital, patients and family members of the patients have faced a lot of problems.

Along with this, the doctors of the medical college are also facing problems in treatment. Due to which the Nitish government has once again come under the target of opposition parties.

Jan Adhikar Party President Pappu Yadav has asked questions while tagging Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey in his tweet. he wrote that

“Vikas ki Kamal, Swimming Hospital in Bihar, Darbhanga Medical College submerged in one day rain. Chullu is not full, now there is so much water that shameless whole health department can die drowning! Is it right, Mangal Pandey ji?”

Jap leader Pappu Yadav has shared pictures of waterlogging at Darbhanga Medical College on his official Twitter account.

Which can be seen in the ward in which patients are being treated. It is completely filled with water and people are sitting on their beds.