Nitish government turned out to be false! 9375 have died from Corona, not 5424, the newspaper revealed


Nitish Kumar’s government of Bihar has been caught in the trap of fake figures. Government figures are being changed regarding how many people have died due to corona infection in Bihar.

The Bihar government had earlier reported the death toll from corona infection as 5424, but under increasing pressure, the government has admitted that those figures were not correct. Not 5424 but 9375 people have died due to corona in Bihar.

Dainik Bhaskar’s report states that the government has tried to hide 3951 deaths.


The reason behind this manipulation of figures is clear that the way thousands of people died in agony due to the poor health system of Bihar, the government was trying to cover up these failures.

Dainik Bhaskar has clearly written in its report that the system had suppressed the death toll.

The fraud of Nitish government of Bihar can be understood in this way. On June 08, the government gave the death toll from Corona as 1229, but within 24 hours, the figures changed and this number increased to 2303.

The government did this manipulation not only in Patna but in every district of the state. As soon as the figures were exposed, it was revealed that the death of 3951 people is not even recorded in the government records!

As soon as the report came to the fore, the politics of Bihar has become hot. The opposition has become an attacker. Tejashwi Yadav, former Deputy Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition of the state said that if Nitish Kumar’s government is fake, then his figures will also be fake!

Let us tell you that when the second wave of Corona was at its peak, the Nitish government had won a lot of applause on the basis of such fake figures.

By showing false figures, Bihar was at number 16 in the country according to the number of people who died of corona, but as soon as the correct figures came out, Bihar reached number 12.

Due to these fake figures of Nitish government, Bihar has become the first state in the country, where the figures of 72% deaths have not been included.


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