Neymar’s billion-dollar mansion was “inquired” by thieves


According to L’Equipe, an unknown man climbed the wall to enter Neymar’s apartment in La Celle-Saint-Cloud. The man did not use force, instead of clutching his Bible tightly and claiming to be a “spreader of the words of God.”

Neymar’s bodyguards were present to ensure safety, before alerting the police. The intruder was arrested not long after. The incident happened just hours before the match between PSG and Reims. Neymar recovered mentally.

This is the second break-in targeting a PSG player in more than two months. On March 15, Angel Di Maria had to leave the match against Nantes when he heard that his family was attacked by robbers.

After this incident, the PSG player actively increased security in the place where he lived. The leadership of this team also supports Neymar and his teammates with many measures such as installing cameras, arranging bodyguards on duty 24/24.

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