Neymar’s best friend died unfortunately


The famous singer, whose stage name is MC Kevin, died on May 17, just 2 weeks after getting married. Neymar and MC Kevin have a close friendship and they planned to meet in the summer.

“We had planned to meet in the summer when the Ligue 1 tournament was over. But our appointment is forever gone and can never be done again”, the PSG striker was shocked. I can’t believe it, MC Kevin is only 23 years old.

I don’t know what to say, just thank you for the love you have given me. I will never forget the photos, tattoos and shoes you gave me. Rest in peace my friend Kevin!”


Singer MC Kevin, famous for his fun music, fell off the 5th floor of a beach hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The accident happened just two weeks after he married criminal lawyer Deolane Bezerra on a beach in Mexico.

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