Neymar shares his plans after retiring from the pitch


As one of the most important factors helping PSG reach the semi-finals of the Champions League, Neymar expressed his happiness in Paris and extended his contract with the team until 2025. But right now, the player born in 1992 was thinking about the future after he retired, and he would become a poker player.

Neymar started playing poker from the 2014 World Cup and became increasingly passionate about the sport. He constantly “solicited” with teammates Pique (when he was at Barca), Navas or Paredes to relieve stress. Neymar even named his dog Poker.

Sharing about this interesting hobby, the Brazilian star said: “Yes, poker is one of my favorite hobbies. I feel very comfortable and think that after my football career, I can attend tournaments, travel a lot – things I don’t have the opportunity to do because of the tight schedule.”

“So after I retire, I can participate in poker tournaments all over the world. You know, there are similarities between football and poker. You need to read the game, see through the opponent, see if you can attack or move to create chances.”

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