Neymar got mad on social media when he was suspended


Neymar will not be able to join Paris Saint-Germain in the French Cup final against Monaco after receiving a card in the semi-final against Montpellier in midweek. Through his personal Instagram page, the French star criticized the authorities when he did not have the opportunity to compete with the host team for the title.

Neymar wrote a message in Portuguese as follows: “I want to know the reason for the yellow card in the last match? That referee guy is commendable. A mess.”

Neymar got a yellow card after only 4 minutes on the pitch.

Behind the status line are 3 face emoticons. The story comes from Neymar receiving a yellow card despite playing only 4 minutes in the last 4 minutes of the French Cup semi-final against Montpellier after being substituted by coach Mauricio Pochettino in the 86th minute.

“I played five minutes, I made a foul and the referee didn’t hesitate to give me a yellow card. Thanks for suspending me in the final. I think it’s a personal matter.”

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