New disclosure in the Choksi case: Mehul’s alleged girlfriend said- The theory of Choksi’s kidnapping is completely wrong; He was trying to escape to Cuba


New revelations are being made every day about Mehul Choksi, accused in the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam. This time his conspiracies have been busted by his alleged girlfriend Barbara Jaberica. Barbara rubbished Mehul’s kidnapping theory. In an interview to news agency ANI, he revealed Mehul’s plan to escape to Cuba. He told that Mehul had asked me to meet him next time in Cuba.

Barbara said that Mehul never used the word escape, but he asked me twice if I had ever been to Cuba. Also told me that next time we can meet in Cuba. So I am sure that Dominica was not Mehul’s last destination. Cuba must have been Mehul’s final destination.

I’m not his girlfriend: Barbara

Barbara said that in media reports, I am being told as Mehul’s girlfriend. I would like to clarify that I was not his girlfriend nor have I had any relation with him. I have my own business. I don’t need their money or support for my needs, hotel booking and jewellery.

Met Mehul for the first time in August

Barbara said that I have known Mehul since last August and met him at Jolly Harbour. I met him for the first time when I rented a house in Air BnB. Mehul already lived in the same area. He introduced himself as Raj.

He told that between August and April, he always used to message me, but I replied to him only once or twice. Then our conversation escalated between April-May this year. We used to discuss doing business together. When I was in Iceland in April-May, we started talking everyday.

Cleared on kidnapping allegations

Barbara said that no one contacted me in the matter of kidnapping. There is no question of kidnapping. Those who know the Jolly Harbor area will know that it is the safest and most family-friendly area. It is impossible to kidnap someone there.

It was not easy to recognize Mehul

Barbara said that I saw all the old pictures of Mehul later. He looks completely different now than before. I think he has lost a lot of weight. I don’t think anyone who is visiting the Caribbean would be reading about Indian news. Therefore, the question of having information about Vigilance does not arise. I did not know about Mehul’s real name and background till last week. I’m sure most people in Antigua wouldn’t even know this.

Vigilance was living in Antigua before reaching Dominica

Mehul Choksi had been living there since 2018 with Antigua citizenship, but suddenly went missing on 23 May. Two days later he was caught in Dominica. Thereafter he was produced in the court. The court sent him to the hospital in police custody. He has applied for bail, but the final hearing on it is being postponed.

also offered to India

Choksi had recently placed a new offer in front of India. He had asked Indian officials to come to Dominica and ask any questions related to his investigation. Choksi claimed that he had left India only for treatment. He is a law-abiding citizen. Choksi had said these things in his affidavit sent to the Dominica High Court.