Free-to-play CCG “Mythgard” has just announced its competitive Season 2021 plans


“The US-based indie games publisher and game developer Rhino Games, are today very proud and pleased to announce the competitive Season 2021 plans for their free-to-play CCG “Mythgard” (the game is out right now for PC via Steam).” – Jonas Ek, TGG.

The US-based indie games publisher and game developer Rhino Games, are today very proud and pleased to announce the competitive Season 2021 plans for their free-to-play CCG “Mythgard” (the game is out right now for PC via Steam).

Last weekend Rhino Games held the first tournament of the year for their free-to-play competitive collectible card game Mythgard.

As the first of six live-streamed Open Qualifiers for the 2021 Mythgard Competitive Season, competitors brawled in a Swiss tournament, with the top 8 battling it out live on Twitch this Saturday, in an attempt to win the $1,000 prize pool, alongside in-game coins and mythril.

The 2021 Mythgard Competitive Season comprises six ranked ladder seasons and six qualification tournaments, which run on a bi-monthly basis. To compete, competitors must progress to Silver rank or above on the in game ladder. When the competitive season finishes in December 2021, the top 16 players will compete for $20,000 in a prestigious tournament, fighting for the grand title of Mythgard World Champion.

“We are so excited to kick off our 2021 Mythgard Competitive Season with this first tournament!” said Peter Hu, Co-founder of Rhino Games.

About Rhino Games
Rhino Games is an independent game studio located in the San Francisco bay area and made up of game industry veterans. Rhino’s founders and employees have contributed to some of the best selling and most recognizable games and franchises of all time

The free-to-play competitive card game experience Mythgard has announced details regarding its upcoming Season. The developer Rhino Games held its first tournament of the year, allowing its community a chance at a real prize pool. This competitive card game is rather new to the market, but it comes with a unique style that many fans find fascinating and addictive.

In the first tournament Open Qualifiers for 2021, the competitors played a Swiss-style game with the top 8 playing live on Twitch. The tournament will be broadcast through Mythgard as of March 27th, and the competitors hope to win a $1,00 prize pool along with in-game coins and Mythril.

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In the 2021 Mythgard Competitive Season, there are six ranked ladders with six qualification tournaments. The events will all run on a bi-monthly schedule, and only Silver-ranked players and above are able to compete. This format is familiar to many digital CCG fans, and the developers seem to be pushing for a more uniform approach.

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The game consists of using powerful cards to cast spells, summon creatures, create artifacts, and enchant the battlefield as a whole. The goal is to outwit the opponent using your collection of cards. This is a completely free game with optional purchases, and it comes with single-player and multiplayer modes.

Fans play it due to its unique resource management system allowing players to build up mana throughout a match. Every decision impacts the viability of the game, and a bad move can often lead to defeat in a winning strategy.

Players will find a variety of established trends that Mythgard has borrowed from other games. The title calls itself a strategic and tense experience, and many fans believe it has innovated in the way of tournament play.

Anyone can compete or spectate a tournament game, and the unique game modes add in variety to the mix.

Rhino Games is giving away free faction codes to aid players in having access to powerful decks and content. To gain some free cards, fans only need to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

As for 2021, the game will pit the top 16 players to compete in a prestigious tournament for $20,000. This is a battle for the grand title of Mythgard World Champion, and almost anyone can compete within the event, provided they have reached Silver rank or higher.

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Mythgard is free to play and can be found on Steam, iOS, and Google play for anyone who is interested in competing.

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