MLB The Show 23: Conquer The Life Conquest for Hidden Rewards | Guide

MLB The Show 23 Conquest Map with Hidden Rewards

On August 25, a new and exciting Conquest was introduced to MLB The Show 23's Diamond Dynasty, aptly named "The Life." This Conquest offers players the opportunity to earn valuable XP and PXP while uncovering hidden treasures. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the Conquest, its goals, and the coveted hidden rewards that await you.

The Conquest

Let's kick things off by taking a closer look at the map and what you can expect in "The Life."

MLB The Show 23 enthusiasts will embark on a journey to conquer six Strongholds in The Life Conquest, with five of them belonging to rival teams. These teams include the Orioles, White Sox, Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Rockies, in clockwise order.

To navigate this Conquest successfully, you'll need to accomplish the following six goals:

  1. Goal 1: Capture the Rockies Stronghold on the first turn (reward: Diamond Duos three-pack bundle).
  2. Goal 2: Acquire 25 million fans (reward: Studio Pet 16 Icon).
  3. Goal 3: Capture 75 Territories (reward: Coach Emoji Banner).
  4. Goal 4: Acquire 99 million fans (reward: Stadium Sound).
  5. Goal 5: Capture all five enemy Strongholds (rewards: Ballin' is a Habit five-pack bundle, 500 Stubs, and 600 XP).
  6. Goal 6: Conquer all Territories on the map (rewards: Diamond Duos Choice Pack 29, 500 Stubs, and 1,500 XP).

Notably, unlike some other Conquests in MLB The Show 23, this one does not impose any Steal requirements. However, the key requirement here is to secure the Rockies Stronghold on the very first turn. So, make that your top priority!

The Hidden Rewards

Now, let's uncover the hidden treasures that are scattered throughout The Life map:

  • MLB The Show 23 pack (x10)
  • Random Diamond Duos Pack (x1)
  • Diamond Duos Pack 33 (x1)
  • Diamond Duos 3 Pack Bundle (x1)

Unlocking these hidden rewards can significantly boost your progress. To maximize your chances of success, consider using cards that align with Team Affinity 2 & 3 and other programs. This includes utilizing the Team Affinity Henchman and Captains. Additionally, make the most of Topps Now cards to make strides in the July and August Topps Now Programs.


In "MLB The Show 23: How to Complete The Life Conquest and Unlock Hidden Rewards," we've delved into the exciting world of The Life Conquest, its objectives, and the hidden treasures that await skilled players. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting, this guide will set you on the path to success in MLB The Show 23.


1. How do I access The Life Conquest in MLB The Show 23?

To access The Life Conquest, simply navigate to the Diamond Dynasty mode in the game, and you'll find it in the Conquests section.

2. Can I complete The Life Conquest without spending real money?

Yes, you can complete The Life Conquest without spending real money. Focus on achieving the in-game goals and utilizing the right cards to progress.

3. What is the significance of capturing the Rockies Stronghold on the first turn?

Capturing the Rockies Stronghold on the first turn is essential to meet one of the primary objectives of The Life Conquest and unlock valuable rewards.

4. Are there any time limits for completing The Life Conquest?

No, there are no specific time limits for completing The Life Conquest in MLB The Show 23. Take your time to strategize and conquer the Strongholds at your own pace.

5. Can I replay The Life Conquest for additional rewards?

Unfortunately, The Life Conquest is a one-time event in MLB The Show 23, so you cannot replay it for additional rewards. Make each playthrough count!