Mission 2022 of BJP and RSS in UP: Top leadership’s focus on the synergy between organization and government, PMO took charge to persuade angry leaders


Before going to the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, now the entire focus of RSS and BJP is to establish coordination between the government and the organization. The reason for this is the displeasure of the workers and the schemes of the central and state governments not reaching the ground. Top BJP leaders say that now the accountability of ministers will be fixed in every district and if even after that the complaints of the workers come, then big action will be taken against the ministers too.

According to sources, after the long meetings held in Delhi in the past, Prime Minister Modi himself has started talks with the disgruntled and marginalized leaders.

It is being told that after the Sangh’s Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabole, BJP’s National Organization Minister BL Santosh, Uttar Pradesh BJP’s UP in-charge Radha Mohan Singh’s visit to Lucknow and meetings in Delhi, now the top leadership of the Sangh and BJP is taking laxity in UP. Not in the mood. All these leaders had submitted their reports to the top leadership of RSS and BJP. It is only after these meetings that an exercise has been started to bridge the gap between the organization and the government in UP.

After big meetings, now emphasis on ground connectivity

According to the things that came to the fore after the big leaders’ visit to Lucknow, due to the displeasure of the workers, the discontent against the BJP is increasing among the people at the ground level. Party sources say that information about the schemes of the Center and the state is not reaching the people. The accountability of the ministers will be fixed only to focus on it in time.

Party President Swatantra Dev Singh says, it is the first responsibility of the ministers to solve the problems of the people as well as the problems of the workers. This will help the party in building connectivity with the people. Central and state schemes can be easily accessible to the people.

However, a senior minister of the UP government said, there is a “clear message” from the union and the party that now if the complaints of the workers reach the top of the organization, then action is sure to be taken against the ministers. The workers will be used as a bridge between the government and the organisation. The minister further said, the only conclusion drawn from the meetings is that until the government’s plans are not implemented at the ground level, it is difficult to counter the opposition parties.

Formula to remove workers’ displeasure

  • The accountability of the ministers will be decided to remove the displeasure of the workers.
  • Ministers in charge in UP will get more power, coordination will have to be made in organization and government
  • If the complaint reaches the top again, the ministers in charge will be discharged from the government
  • Every effort will be made to solve the problems of workers and leaders.

Ministers in charge will get more power, accountability will also be fixed

A senior IAS officer associated with governance told Bhaskar that now more power will be given to the ministers in charge to solve the problems of workers, leaders and office bearers. So that they can solve the problems of the workers.

The IAS officer said that even two days ago, in the cabinet meeting, CM Yogi had discussed to complete the schemes of the Center and the state and to give more power to the ministers in charge and fix their accountability to remove the displeasure of the workers. The members of the cabinet had also agreed to this. Necessary steps will be taken in this regard soon.

Modi himself is talking to angry leaders

This senior government official claimed that the survey conducted by the high command of the Sangh and the BJP has put the party in a lot of worries. This can be gauged from the fact that now those leaders are also getting phone calls from the PMO, who are said to be dissatisfied with the party for one reason or the other and are marginalized for the last four years. PM Modi himself is trying to remove their displeasure by talking to such leaders. He is talking to some leaders every day and getting information about the government and the organization.