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Merge Mansion 4th of July Event 2022

Merge Mansion 4th of July Event 2022
Merge Mansion 4th of July Event 2022

Merge Mansion is a mobile game for Android and iOS released in 2020. It is the first game by Metacore. The company is based in Finland, as stated on Merge Mansion’s YouTube channel about page. As of August 16, 2021 it has been downloaded over 10 million times. In less than a year it generated $38.6 million. The official gameplay soundtrack, titled “Merge Mansion (Official Gameplay Soundtrack)”, was released on the 16th of April, 2022. It featured 12 tracks. The Merge Mansion 2022 4th of July event is about to begin (or has already begun, depending on when you’re reading this), and people need to know the details of said event. Namely, when it’s going to begin and end, how to start the 4th of July event, and what rewards you’ll be able to get. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this guide, so let’s begin.

How to Start Merge Mansion 4th of July Event

If you want to start the 4th of July event in Merge Mansion, then you first have to be level 12. Then, finish the first task to unlock the event board. From then on, you can access the event from 4th of July event button on the map or via the 4th of July Garage gate, which will open inside your regular garage. By the way, there’s also the Garage Cleanup event happening parallel to this one, so don’t forget about it.

So, let us now talk about this event, what is going to happen in this event. it revolves around completing tasks and earning 4th of July Points. You then spend these on event decorations in the event shop, and you put that stuff in the Grand Drive area. The event will last from June 23rd to July 7th; that’s two weeks to collect as many rewards as you can. Speaking off.

Merge Mansion 4th of July Rewards

So friends, in this article we have explained everything and you must have understood well how to start 4th of July program in Merge Mansion, let’s cover the aforementioned rewards. There’s a total of thirteen event decorations that you can purchase for the event Points. All of them can be placed around the Grand Drive area of your garden; each has its own specific place. We’re going to list them all for you below, as well as how much they cost.

  • Hot Dog Stand – 80 Points
  • Milkshake Stand – 160 Points
  • Liberty Lamps – 240 Points
  • BBQ Grill – 320 Points
  • Golden Bell – 400 Points
  • Hot Air Balloon – 480 Points
  • Fireworks – 560 Points
  • Tricycle and Small Cart – 640 Points
  • Liberty Golf Cart – 720 Points
  • Fourtch of July Door Decoration – 760 Points
  • Liberty Gate – 900 Points
  • Uncle Sam Statue Outfit – 1000 Points
  • Balloon Eagle – Reward you can get after buying all other decorations

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