Mamta Banerjee had made a false claim, the PM did not say to leave the meeting?


The central government has denied that PM Modi allowed Bengal CM Mamta to go from the meeting. The government says that Mamta is lying outright. She left the meeting of her own free will because the Leader of Opposition of Bengal Suvendu Adhikari was present there. Mamta doesn’t like them.

Sources say that Mamta’s claim that she had to wait for a long time before meeting the PM is also false. On the other hand, Mamta says that the SPG engaged in the security of the PM had asked me to stay for an hour. He said that the meeting convened to review the damage caused by the storm was not actually of the PM-CM. She had gone to meet the PM as a courtesy. Mamta asked what was the work of Leader of Opposition Suvendu Adhikari in this meeting? I have no objection to any Union Minister being in this meeting.

Mamta Banerjee said that the PMO insulted her. Tweets were made to malign his image. Why were BJP leaders and the Governor called in the storm review meeting? Mamta questioned why there was no need for opposition leaders in Parliament in the last two years. Why were opposition leaders not invited to such meetings in Gujarat.

Mamta Banerjee also responded to the allegation of arriving 30 minutes late in PM Narendra Modi’s meeting and leaving after giving papers. On Saturday, he gave this clarification by holding a press conference. Mamta told what happened before meeting the PM. Mamta also replied that why she did not receive PM Modi.

It is worth noting that after the review meeting of Yas storm, the relations of Modi-Mamata have reached a very bad phase. Even the Center transferred Mamta’s Chief Secretary to Delhi. But Mamta retired him and made him her chief advisor.