Lookism Chapter 364 Release Date and Time

Lookism Chapter 364 Release Date
Lookism Chapter 364 Release Date

Lookism Chapter 364 Release Date and Time

Today we will talk about Lookism South Korean webtoon, A lot of viewers are curious as to when Lookism Chapter 364 will be released. Before this, let us give you a little information about Lookism. Lookism is one of the most popular South Korean webtoon, which was initially released on November 20, 2014. This series received huge popularity within the premiere of just a few Chapters that it has now got a new Chapter. Yes! Chapter 364 has finally premiered, and a few Chapters of Lookism Chapter 364 have been aired. The fans are amazed by this series that after the premiere of the previous Chapter, they are eager to know when the next Chapter, which is Lookism Chapter 364 release date. When is the next Chapter, Chapter 364 coming out? Well, the Lookism Chapter 364 release date is expected to be on November 28, 2021.

Lookism Chapter 364 Countdown

My Countdown

Lookism Chapter 364 is expected to be released on November 28, 2021. So, its countdown goes with just few days. Yes! There are just few days left for the Lookism Chapter 364 to come out!

When is it coming out?

Lookism Chapter 364 is expected to come out on November 28, 2021.

When To Expect Lookism Chapter 364 Release?

As stated earlier, Lookism Chapter 364 release is expected to happen soon. Fans of the series had been waiting for the release of the Lookism Chapter 364 since the release of the last chapter. The last chapter of Lookism has put the fans on the edge of their seats with curiosity to know what happens in the coming episodes. This could be the reason why so many have been in search of the Lookism Chapter 364 release date.

Lookism Chapter 364 Spoilers

Park Tae-webtoon, joon’s Lookism, is a popular one in South Korea. Since November 2014, it has been published weekly on Naver WEBTOON. Students in high school have the ability to transition between two different physical appearances—one overweight and unattractive, the other trim and lovely.

Park Hyung Suk is an outcast in his high school because of his weight, looks, and overall demeanor. Because he is being bullied and harassed every day by a juvenile, he often verbally attacks his mother and eventually seeks for a transfer to a different school. He moves to Seoul on his own and hopes to start anew at a different high school, vowing to get away from his current situation. But a few nights before he goes to school, he acquires a tall, strong, and extraordinarily gorgeous body. When one body is in use, the other goes to sleep, but he can wake up the sleeping one to switch back and forth.

He spends the day in his attractive shape and the night in his original form, like he does every day. With time, Daniel realizes just how much the world is prejudiced towards people because they are unattractive or unique. Because of this, the book’s title is “Lookism.”

Discrimination and hostility are felt in his original body while he also sees the kindness and preferential treatment in his other body. From working for an entertainment corporation to modeling for clothing, he goes through a wide range of events with his new body. Even once Daniel returns to his normal body at night, the lovely dream fades into the brutal reality of life as we know it.

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