LJP’s rebel faction to Paras: Surajbhan Singh of Paras faction in PC said – Pashupati Kumar Paras was elected unopposed president, 71 members supported


After two splits in Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), the command of Paras faction has been handed over to Pashupati Kumar Paras. In the national executive meeting on Thursday, Paras was elected the party’s national president. It was formally announced on Thursday evening at the LJP office. LJP leader Surajbhan Singh said that Pashupati Paras has been elected president unopposed. This decision has been taken in the meeting of the National Working Committee held from 11 am to 3 pm on Thursday.

Actually, all the 71 members who attended the meeting of the National Executive gave their support. Pashupati Paras has reached the LJP office along with the five MPs of the party. This was followed by garlanding the photos of late LJP leaders Ram Vilas Paswan and Ramchandra Paswan. At the same time, security arrangements have been beefed up outside the party office. The meeting of the National Executive started at 12:30 pm at Suraj Bhan’s house itself. During this, 10 proposers named Paras for the post of national president of the party. Earlier, Suraj Bhan’s brother and MP Chandan Singh had said that Pashupati would be made the party’s national president.

Several LJP MPs with Suraj Bhan Singh.

Chirag destroyed everything: Chandan

Before the meeting, MP Chandan Singh told Bhaskar that all the workers are with us and the party. Chirag Paswan also comes to the party. We are MPs, in this capacity we are holding the party meeting. He said that no one has done any betrayal with anyone. Our focus is on the development of Bihar. All steps are being taken in its interest.

He said that there is no fight for leadership. Be it Congress or anyone, the leadership changes in every party every year or two. That’s why we are also changing the leadership. There is no problem with the lamp. We did not have any problem with them earlier and still do not, but it is a matter of respect for the people who vote and the workers who are ready for us 24 hours a day. That’s why we are with them. One person who is in all the positions, he destroyed the party and the family.

The leaders arrived to attend the executive meeting.

There was a coup in LJP on Sunday-Monday night

Discord had started at the party last Sunday evening. On Monday, except Chirag, the other five MPs called a meeting of the Parliamentary Board and elected Hajipur MP Pashupati Paras as the new President of the Parliamentary Board. This information was also given to the Lok Sabha Speaker. By Monday evening, he also got recognition from the Lok Sabha Secretariat.