Lalu’s daughter got angry on Sushil Modi again: Rohini said – your thinking towards domestic women is poor, not even the rite of respect for mothers and sisters


Lalu Prasad’s daughter Rohini Acharya has once again raged on Sushil Kumar Modi, the former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. They have again targeted Sushil Modi. Earlier, on the complaint of Sushil Modi, Rohini’s Twitter account was blocked for 12 hours. But when the ban was lifted, Rohini reappeared in the old mood.

Rohini has now called Sushil Modi a committer of gross immoral sin. Rohini wrote on Twitter, ‘Can’t the lady of the house bring revolution.

What did Sushil Modi say

Actually, Sushil Modi had targeted Lalu Prasad along with Rabri Devi. He wrote on Twitter, ‘Was Lalu Prasad revolutionizing the system of parliamentary democracy by directly making Rabri Devi the chief minister of the house?’

Rohini’s Third tweet

In his third tweet, Rohini Acharya tagged Dainik Bhaskar’s article and said that

“By ridiculing mother and sister daughters.
Whose duty is to do politics.
For commission..
of the girl child
By doing..
Shameless to make benami property..
By making a medium..
Introduced a perverted mindset!”

Rohini’s second tweet

Rohini is so angry at her mother Rabri Devi’s statement that she has tweeted one after the other. Targeting Sushil Modi in another tweet, he wrote, ‘Your mentality is telling, what is your petty thinking towards domestic women or women? The one who does not have the sanskar to respect even his mother and sisters, is he not worthy to be called a human being? Due to this abominable thinking towards women, the double engine government carried out the Balika Griha Kand.

RJD leader also angry

RJD spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari was also seen angry due to the statement on Rabri Devi. Talking to Bhaskar, he said that people knew Smriti Irani only from ‘Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. What revolution was being made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi making that domestic lady, that mother-in-law the Union Education Minister of the country?

Maharani web series controversy caught fire

The power of Rabri Devi has been shown in the Maharani web series. It shows how a housewife becomes the Chief Minister and takes big decisions. Rabri Devi’s name is recorded as the first woman Chief Minister of Bihar. When Lalu Prasad Yadav started going to jail in the fodder scam, Rabri Devi was made the Chief Minister in a hurry. Famous film critic Vinod Anupam was interviewed by Bhaskar on this film. Bhaskar also spoke to Umashankar Singh, the scriptwriter of the Queen. Politics over the queen became so heated that the leaders of BJP and JDU have started sharp criticism of Rabri Devi’s tenure. Sushil Modi has also taken a dig at Lalu Prasad on the pretext of Rabri.