Kim Kardashian is Looking to Date Non-Famous People: Here’s Why

Kim Kardashian is Looking to Date Non Famous People
Kim Kardashian is Looking to Date Non Famous People

Kim Kardashian, one of the most famous celebrities in the world, is apparently ready to get back into the dating game after taking a break following her split from comedian Pete Davidson in August 2022. According to People, Kim has asked her friends to set her up with non-famous people who work in finance. In this article, we will discuss Kim's desire to date non-famous people, her preference for someone in finance, and what it means for her future relationships.

Kim's Desire to Date Non-Famous People

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to dating famous people. She has been in high-profile relationships with the likes of Kanye West, Reggie Bush, and Kris Humphries. However, it seems that Kim has had enough of the Hollywood dating scene and is looking for someone who isn't in the public eye. According to a source, Kim "would love to date someone who isn't famous in Hollywood." This desire for a non-famous partner is not surprising given the level of scrutiny and attention that comes with being a Kardashian.

Preference for Someone in Finance

In addition to wanting a non-famous partner, Kim also reportedly prefers someone who works in finance. This may seem like an odd preference, but it makes sense when you consider Kim's own financial success. She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur with a net worth of over a billion dollars. It's not hard to imagine that she would want to date someone who understands and shares her passion for finance and business.

Flexibility in Their Schedule

Another important quality that Kim is reportedly looking for in a partner is flexibility in their schedule. This is likely because of her own busy schedule and the demands of her career. According to the same source, Kim wants someone who can join her for all of the exciting things she has going on in her life. It's understandable that she would want a partner who can keep up with her and be a part of her world.

What This Means for Kim's Future Relationships

Kim Kardashian's desire to date non-famous people and someone in finance with flexibility in their schedule tells us a lot about what she is looking for in a partner. She wants someone who can understand and appreciate her success, but also someone who is down-to-earth and not caught up in the Hollywood scene. This preference for a more "normal" partner could be a sign that Kim is ready to settle down and focus on her personal life.

It's also worth noting that Kim's breakup with Pete Davidson may have played a role in her decision to pursue a different type of relationship. The two were only together for a few months, but their busy schedules reportedly made it difficult to make things work. By seeking out someone with more flexibility in their schedule, Kim may be hoping to avoid a similar fate in future relationships.


In conclusion, Kim Kardashian's desire to date non-famous people who work in finance and have flexibility in their schedule is an interesting development in her personal life. It suggests that she is looking for something different from her past relationships and may be ready to settle down with someone who is more grounded and down-to-earth. Only time will tell who Kim ends up dating next, but we wish her all the best in her search for love.


Q: What is the reason behind Kim Kardashian's decision to date non-famous people?

Ans: Kim Kardashian is looking for someone who isn't famous in Hollywood, as per her source. She wants to date someone who is not a part of the entertainment industry to avoid unnecessary media attention.

Q: Has Kim Kardashian dated non-famous people in the past?

Ans: Kim Kardashian has had high-profile relationships with celebrities such as Kanye West, Kris Humphries, and Reggie Bush in the past. However, it is unclear whether she has dated non-famous people before.

Q: What kind of person is Kim Kardashian looking to date?

Ans: Kim Kardashian is reportedly interested in dating someone who works in finance and has enough flexibility in their schedule to join her for the many busy things already penciled in on her calendar.

Q: How did Kim Kardashian's previous relationships end?

Ans: Kim Kardashian's previous relationships have ended due to various reasons, including work commitments and busy schedules. For example, her relationship with Pete Davidson reportedly ended because they were both busy with their respective projects.

Q: Is Kim Kardashian currently dating anyone?

Ans: As of the time of writing this article, it is unclear whether Kim Kardashian is currently dating anyone. However, she has expressed her interest in dating again and has asked her friends to set her up with non-famous people.