Journalism is over: Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar

I want to talk about some of my ineligibility on Journalism Day. Journalism is a professional job. It is not a profession. Rather it is a profession to understand and express many things. Therefore, a system of reporter and editor who understood different professions within journalism was created which has collapsed. Before such a system ended, the reader and audience used to contact different people in the newsroom of a media institution.

Now one anchor is left. Seeing that you have accepted that it is omnipotent and this is journalism. Your training has also become such that a reporter is covering an event, covering it well, but

But let me write that you should go to the field. This deficiency has been created by the institute for several reasons. There is really a budget problem in front of some channels, but those who are number one two three four have also ended this system with money. On Journalism Day, I want to talk about some of my shortcomings, but first I will talk about the shortcomings of the system because my shortcomings are also related to the shortcomings of the system.

News channels are creating various programs so that the news anchor can pick up the topic from Twitter and debate on it. Now viewers have also started using debit in place of news. It is said that debit it. While he is noticing that the department does not have an officer related to the problem in the debate. Like when the second wave of Corona was massacred, you would not have seen that Luv Agarwal of the Health Department and Dr VK Paul of the Kovid Task Force was sitting in a debate and answering the question. He will be replaced by a spokesperson for the ruling political party. Every question of the opposition will be diverted from here to there. If the spokesperson of the ruling party gets stuck in response to a question, then it entertains you. The government and the people working inside are saved from accountability. All that the anchor has to do is to decide the angle of the topic. Now he does not even decide. Someone else fixes it or brings up the search from Twitter. India will then speak. India asks.

The same level of superficiality is in-studio debates, the same level of superficiality is in the anchors’ coverage. Now it is not right to call it superficiality because it is called the gold standard of journalism. In English, it is called Gold Standard. Anchors are sent out of the studio as soon as a big event happens, elections are held or their favourite leader goes on a tour of Benares. The nuances of coverage go back as the anchor leaves. His being there becomes another incident. That is, within the event the channel creates an event for itself that it has sent its anchor there. As a viewer, you also value the anchor being there and feel relieved. Well, you do not know this thing, but the news channels know this thing properly.

What you call a big anchor is only describing the site of the incident. Apart from the scene of the incident, he does not search the inside information because he has to stand live. Even if it is not to happen, most of them rest in the room or they try hard to show off in the name of gathering information. Anchor also has to take care that the colour of the government’s shoes does not deteriorate on its kurtas. Because Modi keeps on doing Modi all day long. The argument keeps on defending the government. As soon as the anchor leaves the house, the atmosphere begins to build. I Will tweet a picture of the airport. Will reach there and tweet a photo. Breakfast will tweet a photo of the food. The photo of where you have been standing for three hours will be tweeted so that you can feel more the pain of the reporter who has been standing for three hours along with those who died at the scene. The channel will also immediately make a promo and tweet. It is requested to write that as an audience you always see what you are seeing, is there any additional information or understanding, or you are only looking for someone to be in someplace and consider it as journalism. Huh.

Whereas the reporter has another tendency. He searches for news. He competes with another reporter for his information. Anchor only angles its sentences. Makes impressive. Reporters will make their reporting effective with information. Apart from the description of the site of the incident, some secret information will be added to it. The sources also think it right to tell the reporter because he has known the reporter for a long time. Know how the reporter will present his information so that it does not come under fire. The sutra has less trust in the anchor. He will befriend the anchor but will not report. The information system has collapsed due to the disappearance of the army of reporters. Sources within the system know that the case is over here. To trust means to buy a hundred problems. Anchor and reporter have different language. The reporter shall present the information in such a way that the talk may happen and the person telling the talk becomes free. At the same time, the system of information exchange should also be maintained. Everyone knows that the anchors of dock media are in the government’s lap. Their rise and sit is more among the people of the government. If he is seen promoting the government on Twitter throughout the day, then he will not trust. What is the information about his off-record, tell the anchor leader off-record, and later the leader worsens that officer’s condition. The source would like to talk to the journalist. Not from a broker. The bureaucracy has its own brokers for the business, so why should it deal with another broker for free. Yes or no?

Journalism is over. If you want to deny this thing in the name of exception, then of course you can do it. It is also true that some people are doing journalism. You are doing quite well, but you pay the price of the whole newspaper from your pocket. Do not give apart the journalist with that exception. Back to the topic. Not a reporter. Anchor is the anchor. Anchor arguing on every subject. The expert who used to talk to the reporter comfortably now comes directly in the anchor’s debate. The expert gets five minutes to say whatever he said, he is also satisfied with the appearance. He knows that when the reporter used to talk, he used to talk with time but the anchor has no time for anything other than lying and showing off. The dependency of the expert or the stake holder of a subject is also built on the same anchor. He will call the same. I message twenty experts a day and fill you with guilt that you should also check it out. Of course I cannot do twenty subjects. He calls and starts watching the film, but I remain immersed in the guilt of not being able to do it.

The same thing happens to the reader and the viewer. I get written messages ranging from bank robbery to land possession, murder, electricity-water problem and not knowing how many problems. If there is no electricity in the locality for three days, Ravish Kumar has to prove his journalism and if the goons take possession of the land, then Ravish Kumar has to prove his journalism. Throughout the day, hundreds of messages come in this way in which Ravish Kumar is challenged to prove. All the time the phone rings like I am sitting in the call centre of the fire department. This is the reason why I have stopped picking up the phone for so many months. Can you pick up a thousand phones a day? I am not Narendra Modi that ten ministers are sitting vacant just to retweet my tweet. I have neither secretariat nor a budget.

Keep in mind that there is no fault of the citizen in this. I justify disappointing you. On my Facebook page and in the show, I have spoken of lack of resources many times. Yesterday a woman got a call from someplace. From the conversation, he felt that he had such an illusion that we have correspondents everywhere. They have a car. There is a hundred rupees litre of petrol in the car. Will reach there as soon as I call. There are five people waiting in the newsroom to get the video sent by the reporter. There is a team of ten-twenty people who write the news after seeing it and then there is a lot of video editor to edit it. You should know that it requires a lot of money. I thought I could explain but a lot of time would have gone by.

It is so sure that such a written message tells me what is happening in the lives of common people. I use that feedback in my program but have not been able to do it many times. People keep messaging again and again. Call constantly. It has a profound effect on my mind and heart. I stay attached to these things all the time. How can you laugh while constantly going through these sad tales? When I leave a message, then another one comes. The work is such that I cannot pick up the phone and keep it away. I do not have this option. I have given an account of my work many times. I start work as soon as I get up for a show. It is not easy to erase writing from six o’clock to four o’clock. Last Friday, after producing an entire show, it had to change and write a new show. There was not even a minute difference. My fingers were moaning. There was such pain in the knuckles that if I had a pension arrangement, then I would have left the job at the same time. Whether or not the rest of the anchors do so much work, you can guess by watching their program. Well, I am not even talking here. Even I am talking about the end of journalism as a profession, lack of institute and resources.

Now I want to talk about my lack. Apart from the lack of resources, I get a lot of news covered due to my inefficiency. Today’s journalism has changed. One is not the one but I do not have some qualifications to understand and present what is there. I don’t want to talk about the paucity of time.

In this epidemic, you may have noticed that many universities are analyzing data. Analyzing the number of cases and the number of people who die every day. You may have noticed that a graph or chart is presented. Some charts are very precise and important. I find it very difficult to get an understanding of them. If I am given the data to draw a graph, then I will not be able to make it. Data has a big role in today’s journalism. You know that both the government and the company are collecting data for your every habit. To capture this, understanding data science is very important.

At first it was not my shortcoming as there were other qualified people in the newsroom to do this work. Now if I have to do their work too, then it has become my shortcoming. You expect me to. Of course, I take the help of some of my worthy friends to overcome this shortcoming. I take a lot of time with them and understand. Even then, there is a problem in writing many things clearly in your language. Today, it is very important for a journalist to be proficient in data science. Not only for the epidemic but also for understanding the economy. You must have seen that the government also talks in the data. To understand this, the more proficient you are in data science, the better. You know that I am also weak in mathematics. The lack of English is now seldom bothered when one cannot write a particularly complex sentence correctly, but the rest is not particularly difficult.
I ask many people and I understand myself. If you are unable to speak, there is nothing Its need to be over in the lockdown because I live in Ghaziabad, not Washington. Any way.

Now I want to talk about my second shortcoming. I often find myself unfit to cover medical science news. I cover the aspects related to the system of hospitals, but when it comes to the technology of treatment and medical science, I am surrounded by my shortcomings. As are the ventilator curves of PM Cairns. The court says. Doctors also say off-record that the pressure of oxygen in the ventilator with PM Cares reduces, which can lead to the death of the patient. It is not a ventilator. But who was recruited on this ventilator, I do not have the ability to find relatives, see reports, talk to a doctor. There is no resource. Ventilator experts are needed to cover this. But no one is ready to come forward and take it near the ventilator in detail to see that this is not apart. Its pipe is defective. Only a man from Anisthisia can open the better pole of this machine. So we have to limit ourselves to supply, distribution, malfunctions and staff shortages.

You must have seen that I posted on the Facebook page that people who have not written Kovid in their death certificate but have died due to Kovid, send such videos by mobile phone. Show both the certificates in that video and tell your problem about what you had to suffer for the death certificate. Many people said that they passed away on their own and ten days after that the Kovid positive report came. But was Kovid added to the death certificate then? For many reasons, people could not muster the courage to make a video and send it. I understand but if the reason is fear then it is sad. But in this sequence, many messages also came in such a way that the hospital took the wrong treatment. Sent the full report. It has an x-ray report. There are several types of investigation reports. The doctor has a prescription.

Now I do not have the ability to cover such cases. I do not have the ability to see and understand medical reports. Nor do I have a team of doctors to evaluate. For this, the doctor must also have the courage to point a finger at the doctor of his profession. The benefit of the doubt will always go to the doctor and the dead body of the patient to his family. As a journalist, I cannot prove that the treatment is wrong. The hospital in which the wrong treatment has been done will put ten doctors who will use medical terminology and turn you around. He may be speaking right but I do not have the ability to question his point. If you come with a report of a kidney or a heart sometimes, I will have to become a hospital along with the anchor and become a doctor of every department of the hospital. I cannot decide at what stage which medicine should have been given and which medicine was given.

Wish it was not so. If there were such people inside the hospital, then there would have been a wrong treatment for wrong treatment or there would have been some organization outside which would establish wrong treatment. Until doctors do not come forward, such complaints have no future. If some people have won the case, then such cases should be studied and then the family should file a case in court. He will have to fight this battle with his endurance, not with the news. There is also a challenge that the second doctor is right, how will a journalist decide this, who has nothing to do with medical science. Four doctors give four openings to treat a disease. Sometimes the patient gets worse even after getting the right treatment. There are many reasons. I am not saying that there is no wrong treatment. Absolutely happens, but I do not have the ability to do it in a reliable way.

India’s journalism failed in the face of this epidemic. There was not a single person in his institutes who was knowledgeable about medical science and who had credibility. Which would have challenged ICM’s guidelines. This suggests that the guideline has not been changed for nine months. Joe would have asked what kind of contact has been made with the doctors treating Kovid about this guideline. This would tell that the doctor of this hospital is saving the lives of people by treating them in this way or its result is better. Which would read the research of the medical journal and present it for you. I have a shortage as well as a lack of journalism. Most of the people who were writing ideological articles in the name of expert were also dishonest. He was not writing on the method of treatment and its weakness. were not exposed. In his article, he was saving the profession. He was saying some things but not saying many things. Now suppose, for example, that someone says that four people died in his village soon after being vaccinated. Spreading such information can spread many kinds of misconceptions, but is there the ability to understand this information, the procedures followed by vaccine death? Is not.

We should keep making a list of our shortcomings. It should be remembered that journalism is not just one profession but it is a profession expressing different professions. It requires the entire system, not just an anchor. If you want to curse me by sending a message, I will not mind. Please At least I am sharing your grief. I am listening to you. Want to hear The regret of not doing anything is as much as you are.

I would love it that you do not congratulate Journalism Day after this post. Congratulations on the days that are now suffocating. Every day is searching for a new day for political and social identity. By putting your photo in the photo, the congratulatory message is thrown. Here people forgot the carnage in four days and someone’s photo of you. We expect that the great man will be remembered. That too with a line of congratulatory messages and photos. Yes or no?