India’s economy suffered the biggest blow in 40 years, the growth rate in 2021 was embarrassing -7.3%


The negative impact of the corona epidemic is not only on the health of the people, but also on the economy of the country.

According to the data released by the government, India’s growth rate has fallen to -7.3% in FY 2021. This is the worst figure ever in the last 40 years.

The Ganga of development is now flowing in reverse, because the government is not able to handle the economy of the country.

In fact, according to the data released by the National Statistical Office (NSO), India’s economy grew at a rate of 1.6% in the fourth quarter (January-March) of 2020-21.

At the same time, GDP has fallen by 7.3% in the entire financial year. This news is going to disappoint the people of India.

It is also disappointing for those who were donating their earnings to the PM Cares Fund during the pandemic, it is also disappointing for those who were relying on the funds released by the government.

Many people have also questioned the government on their social media. Congress leader Alka Lamba said, “When will the country’s growth rate #GDP be positive, Modi ji? -7.3 Negative Growth Rate. “

Commenting sharply on this, social activist Hansraj Meena wrote, “India’s growth rate slips to -7.3% in the financial year 2021. The Indian economy suffered the biggest setback in 40 years. Good days have come? Became Vishwaguru India ?? Is Akhand Bharat made? ”

The country’s economy had already collapsed before the arrival of Corona. Now the situation is getting worse.