How To Unlock Agents In Valorant? Steps To Unlock Agents In Valorant?


How to unlock agents in Valorant? Here is the complete guide to learn how to unlock agents in Valorant 2021? Valorant is a 2021 tactical shooter game by the Riot Games which has many fans across the globe and the players are eager to know how to unlock agents in Valorant. Read this article to learn everything that you need to know about agents in Valorant.


Valorant is a multiplayer game where the players play as a set of agents.The game was released on 2nd June 2020. The players are put into either the attacking team or defending team in the game who battle against each other’s team consisting of five members each. Currently, there are 12 agents in Valorant and five of them are Valorant default agents. The Valorant default agents will be available at the beginning of the game itself. There is a new 13th agent arriving soon in Valorant. Each of the agents will have four unique abilities among which one will be the ultimate ability.

How To Unlock Agents In Valorant 2021?

Five agents will be Valorant default agents and they are Phoenix, Brimstone, sage, Jett and Sova. The players in Valorant can unlock the agents using the following steps:

  • Unlock through levelling up – This is the simplest way to unlock the agents.
  • Unlock via agent contracts – Special missions will be available to unlock agents and these missions are called contracts.
  • Unlock using the Valorant Points – This is the fastest way to unlock the agents in Valorant. Each level will need 200 Valorant points.

Initially, when the player levels up their account itself, the player will get two agents for free. But for this, the player should level up your account up to 5 and 10. The player can choose an agent of their own choice when the player reaches that level. By following the given steps, you can be able to unlock the agents.

  • Go to the Main Menu of the game
  • Click on COLLECTION 
  • Select AGENTS
  • A list of agents will appear from which you have to select the agent you want to unlock. 
  • Click on ACTIVATE at the bottom after selecting.
  • The agent’s contract will be activated.  
  • Click on VIEW CONTRACT in the bottom right corner 
  • Once you level up the contract to level 5, you’ll unlock the agent.
  • The contract will automatically gain exp whenever you finish a game after the activation is done.
  • When the agent’s contract is reached to level 5, the agent will be unlocked and available in the game.

Step 1

From the main menu, click “COLLECTION” and then “AGENTS” just below it to view your locked and unlocked agents.

In-game screenshot from Valorant's main menu with buttons for "latest", "collection", "play", "career", "strore", "arsenal", and "agents". A separate button reads "Activate Viper" and another reads "View Contract"

Step 2

Click on the locked agent that you wish to unlock. Then, click “ACTIVATE” at the bottom of their picture, which will activate the contract for that agent. Then, press “VIEW CONTRACT” in the bottom right corner.

In-game screenshot from Valorant's main menu with buttons for "latest", "collection", "play", "career", "strore", "arsenal", and "agents". A separate button reads "Activate Viper" and another reads "View Contract"

Step 3

Now you are looking at the contract for the agent. Notice at level 5 (out of 10), you actually unlock the agent. You earn XP for leveling simply through playing games with any agent.

In-game screenshot from Valorant's main menu displaying "Title: Biohazard", "25,000 XP to go", contract tiers 1-5, and a button for "unlock level 1"

Step 4 (optional)

It does take a fair amount of games to get any agent contract to level 5.

So, if you’re eager for your 8th, 9th, and 10th agents, you can pay to unlock contract levels. It costs 200 Valorant points (about $2 USD) per level, so to get from level 1 to 5, it would cost you 1000 points (about $10 USD). Again, this is optional, as it is possible to grind games to unlock all 10 current agents.

In-game screenshot from Valorant's main menu displaying "Title: Biohazard", "25,000 XP to go", contract tiers 1-5, and a button for "unlock level 1"

I hope this was helpful in your quest to unlock more Valorant agents. Good luck and have fun out there!

Game Modes in Valorant

Here are the Valorant game modes explained.

  • Standard Plant/Diffuse

You play as an attacker who plants spikes or a defender who prevents the attacker from planting spikes.

  • Ranked Game mode

In this game mode, you play competitively against other players to get yourself placed in the top in the Valorant ranks. In this game mode, you play for 30-40 minutes.

  • Normal Game mode

This game mode lasts for 30-40 minutes. Here you play to test your skills and the gameplay won’t affect your ranks.

  • Spike Rush

This mode lasts for 8-12 minutes. This game mode is to play spike/diffuse casually with other players where you get orbs that buffs you or debuffs your enemy.

  • Death Match

This game mode lasts until the player reaches 40 kills. This game mode is to test your skills with the gun. You will be placed on the map with 14 different players. You get to choose a gun of your choice from the shop.

  • Practice Game mode

Games that are played in training grounds. A shooting test has a number of challenges to test your shooting skills. In spike planting, you plant spikes and defend until detonation. In spike defuse, you defuse spike within the given time.

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